The narratives about Trump thread.


Sure, well that fits right in to the narrative, doesn’t it?

Trump dumb orange monkey man. Putin geopolitical savant. Putin and Allies? Who are they now?

All Putin wants from the Middle East are strong borders. Don’t need the oil or the headaches.


yea they are probably going to make an escape goat out of trump on this for sure


Are you assuming the average Cnn watcher would care about such question? If the end result is “orange man bad”, the explanation is irrelevant.


I rarely watch CNN. I’m asking yew who they are. Yew wrote it.


Off the top of my head I know Syria, Iran, Turkey(ish ), China.

It would be easy to find “anonymous sources familiar with the matter” explaining how this is all a plan by Russia/China to profit off Trump’s inadequacy and colonize the middle east or something, I’m sure some writer at cnn/msnbc is working on it (together with a lawyer, in order to use the correct language and avoid being sued).


Well, China needs oil. If they think Russia will bring stability to the region to secure “their” oil, we shall see. Turkey…eh, maybe; they are still in NATO, but not exactly playing ball. Syria…I imagine that Russia wants stability there, again, simply for border control. They don’t want ISIS or AQ or any other Islamic nutso threat of the day to run across the Caucus region and stir/blow sh8t up. Iran? Mm, they are really up their own ears controlling their own people, particularly the Saudi supporters, due to their flavor of Islam, who control larger oil reserves.

Russia, imho, is on their own on this and certainly only thinking about their particular long term goals.


I apologize, I was thrown off by the fact that everything you’ve said about them up to this point was decidedly negative. Can only go by what you say, so I guess it’s good you cleared that up.

Also prefaced it with “can’t say for sure.”

Rewriting the conversation quite a bit there. Not for the first or even second time. I kind of get why yyy isn’t around these parts anymore; it’s tiring. Thankfully, I can help you out a bit because the below exchange essentially recaps my issue with what you were saying very well.

Though to be completely clear: up until this point, you weren’t talking about bathrooms or anything like that. This quote just before it may help with the context a tiny bit.

I hope that clears that up but I have an aching feeling that it won’t.

Not sure where you’re getting that from. I feel like there’s a parallel conversation going on that I’m not part of.

You’ve seen merit in what I’m saying? Appreciate it, though I’d question your judgement there.

I did say that. I think my exact words were “liberal bashing shit show.” In my defense, I still think it’s true.

The “bullshit” was in reference to Trump and it wasn’t a blanket statement about everything he’s said and done. But that may have been confusing.

Didn’t call anybody a name but probably came across a little strong. If the mansplaining thing offended you, sorry. I was just a man (debatable) explaining something. I actually don’t participate in “discussions” about gay marriage on this forum because I’d 100% have an arsenal of names for a few people in there.


How does that work exactly ?

So do I understand correctly, the majority of cnn Income is coming from sponshorship. Is this correct ?


I’m sure you do have an arsenal of names to call people, some I imagine most posters wouldn’t have heard of before. But here is not the place to throw them about, the one hard rule of this forum is no personal insults.

If you as a man are talking to another man and start out with “let me mansplain something”, the other man is not going to read that, as you say, as a man explaining something. The definition of mansplain is a man talking down to a women, so you might as well start out with “Bitch, let me tell you something”, you claim ignorance of that though.

Which reminds me of another poster, it wasn’t on here but as happens from time to time the discussion around the views of a black conservative comes up to which the left leaning poster calls him an “uncle tom”, when called out on it and told this is incredibly offensive, to his credit he did apologize but claimed he didn’t know the term was offensive. You really believe someone doesn’t know the negative connotation of “uncle tom” or think he was discussing in good faith and honesty?

yyy doesn’t post here anymore because I asked him not to distort user names or think up cute nicknames for people. There was a heated discussion behind doors about that.

This forum doesn’t have many rules, but the one hard rule is don’t make it personal and don’t trade in personal insults, or distort a persons user name for the purpose of mockery. I would much prefer people discuss topics and share their thoughts on crrent events than make it about the people who post.

That being said, if you have something specific or take issue with something I have said, please do post and not just repeat what I say in a quote as if it is self evident what it is you are taking issue with. Make an argument, be specific, try not to make 20 points all at once, I can get around to 20 points, but they are best tackled one at a time.


Your previous post was purely dedicated to attacking me and severely distorted more than a few facts to do so, so yes, I’m going to set the record straight in as much detail as I can. I did apologize about the mansplaining line though, but it’s okay if you don’t accept. I haven’t made it personal, but again that’s okay if you think it is.


I accept the apology of course and thank you for that.

What is being lost and I think the reason why is because you will only look at the issue from one particular existential perspective.

Let me draw an analogy I mentioned before (perhaps one too many times) a local pool where they have a women’s only afternoons. I also mentioned in no small part it’s because of a high population of Muslims and many women in that religion believe they can’t share a pool with a man.

Do I think it makes sense? No of course not. Do I think their religion makes sense, no. But I do understand that is their existential reality and people should be kind and accommodating to allow time just for them so they can enjoy a community resource. To do otherwise and the reality of the situation would be those women would not use the pool and would fester resentment within the community.

I’m not going to make this long or make too many points, but if you can accept what I have just said, you will be a long way to getting to what I see as the crux of the issue. Which we keep seeming to talk past each other as I am in no way trying to deny whatever existential reality a trans person might have. I may not have worded it very well before, but practice makes perfect.


That is a nice and clear mansplanation :joy:


Your analogy makes sense (I don’t recall you making this one before, maybe others do) but doesn’t have much to do with the points of contention I had with the topic. You shouldn’t assume that I only see things from one perspective. It would make sense if you simply revisited those old posts because I really don’t have much desire to retread it at this point. Pay careful attention to what I do and don’t say on the topic.


Another resignation.


‘How to run a country for Idiots.’ or ‘How to run a country 101’

Listen to radio and watch FOX!

“On his radio show Wednesday, Limbaugh said the president was “getting ready to cave” on getting money for the wall in the budget.
“It’s a textbook example of what the drive-by media calls compromise,” Limbaugh said. “Trump gets nothing, and the Democrats get everything, including control of the House.”
Coulter, during a podcast on the Daily Caller, said Trump’s White House would become “a joke presidency who scammed the American people” if he didn’t build the wall, adding that “he’ll have no legacy whatsoever.” She also wrote a scathing column about the president and launched a flurry of criticisms on Twitter.
Fox News’s Laura Ingraham added Wednesday: “Not funding the wall will go down as one of the worst, worst things to happen to this administration. … Forget Mueller. The wall, the wall, the wall — has to be built.”
On “Fox & Friends,” Steve Doocy chimed in: “If there’s not a shutdown, he’s going to look like a loser.”
Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) on Friday expressed discontent with the apparent influence these commentators have on the president, stating that they “completely flipped” Trump.
“This is tyranny of talk radio hosts, right? And so, how do you deal with that?” Corker told reporters. “You have two talk radio hosts who completely flipped the president. And so, do we succumb to tyranny of talk radio hosts?”
Trump’s fondness for “Fox & Friends” is well-documented, and his relationship with the show’s hosts, as well as other conservative talking heads, has mostly been amicable — until recently."


Do you believe that who is arguably the most powerful person in the world makes his choices based on what he hears on fox & friends?




You’re obviously not a poker player Belgian_Pie, anyone watching would have known after his open meeting with Pelosi and Schumer he was playing this hand through to a shut down, including getting the bill past the house.

Ever see a poker player um and ah, scratching their head deciding if they are going to raise the stakes when everyone at home can see they have the winning hand and they know they have the winning hand?

I’m not sure what kind of hand Trump is holding, but I am sure Limbaugh was off base, or was leaked that info to give the impression Trump was considering a fold. I do know Trump wouldn’t have set up an elaborate open meeting with the press on the number one topic he campaigned for only to be utterly humiliated a few days later.

If you realize with his base, on this issue, at this time, if he folded without a shutdown. That would be the end of any hope he may have in 2020. Democrats might at this stage be thinking trump will quickly back down or settle for peanuts or some vague promise as a symbolic win. I wold go with he’s in this one for the long haul. Much longer I suspect than the Democrats will be comfortable with.


Poker player? Gambler yes, that he is, he’s lost a lot. It’s been said he’s a good salesman selling nonsense, but he’s a bad businessman. He sells and let others figure out how to get away with a scam, a hustle.

And taking a gamble on other people’s livelihood? Great!


Might be some truth to that, perhaps more than some Trump supporters might like to admit. But poker, I’m pretty sure he gets how that game is played. Been around casinos enough.

Bluffing might seem like a good idea to someone not familiar with the game, but it’s not a good idea to go with that as a major play. Poker players know by the time the cards have been fully dealt (much of the time and with surprising accuracy) pretty much the exact cards the other player is holding from their betting behavior.

This shutdown, at this time has been discussed at least for six months, perhaps even a year. I guarantee you it has been put though game theory every which way till Sunday. I could see the House passing the bill, the Senate stalling and a shutdown as inevitable after the open door meeting. What’s next is harder to see, except I will be shocked if backs down in any way any time soon.