The narratives about Trump thread.


And lost all of them. Normally ‘the house always wins’.


Maybe an orange jumpsuit helps?


The departures are being tracked in fairly accurate detail too.


“NPR’s Tom Bowman reports that efforts are being made by people with “long experience in national security affairs” to convince President Trump to moderate his decision to withdraw troops from Syria and reduce forces in Afghanistan.”

People with long experience in National Security Affairs have US troops in what, 90 countries around the world. Pulling a measly 2200 soldiers and CIA reps from the ground in Syria changes very little. Seems kind of disingenuous for the media to push the narrative that Syria means anything to anyone outside of the region. There is no threat to US security from Syria or Afghanistan. In fact the US being there simply does the job the Russians want done, ie, Caucus border protection…so, so much the Trump blows Putin narrative too.

The fact that one cannot kill an ideology with guns and bombs seems to be the premise to remain forever. Humbug to that.


So, the number of countries is something around 190.


Right. And the forever base he enjoys will love that he shut down the “Deep State” whatever that is, for a while. I wonder how many at DOJ aren’t coming right back to work after the holiday.


Thanks. It’s like 80 bases, and troops galore where they are “needed.”

So, here’s a little write up from the Progressive Magazine The Nation earlier this year:

So, tell me, why is Trump getting flak from the Left over bringing 2200 warm bodies home for Christmas? He’s not listening to his “Expert advisers?” They’re quitting?

Too bad. I guess they’ll have to get a lobbying gig, but after the Mueller probe, they’d best be real careful about registering properlike.


So, you said in your previous post us had troops in 90 countries, but in fact it is around 190

For example all us embassies have marines attached to them for security

Anyway, bases not the same as stationing troops(which is what you said in your previous post)


because it’s a move that’s hard to criticize and makes them look like hypocrites, so they’re butthurt.

I mean, honestly, if you were a chief editor or whatever at CNN, Msnbc etc etc, would you be happy to have to report about these news to the masses of people who usually only read your articles when they start with:“Why this move by Trump is bound to be his downfall” ?


I was lowball guessing. I don’t use google or wiki to research my every post. But thank you for focusing on the minute details of my post and ignoring the general point I am making. The clarification adds to the discussion…sort of.


Yeah, I know. I was one of them. :whistle:


What the fuck is an escapegoat?


An escape goat is when the wrong person is blamed for a missteak.




The thing I like the most is that there will soon be videos of soldiers going back home and hugging their kids / wives / husbands, and they usually go viral.
So we will have videos of kids hugging their fathers, thanking them for being back and crying…and some people will get butthurt about it, because orange man bad.

If I could have only one wish this Christmas it would be to have one of those kids say:" thank you mr president Trump from bringing my daddy home" on camera while hugging his father.


One of the few Republicans who has been pretty consistently on the right side of the war issue. I will never understand why he decided to lean establishment for his presidential run.


Trump is now truly exposing the neocons for the idiots they are.
Liz is daughter of that big Dick, pun intended.


Rand Paul has been doing a fair bit of shit posting on twitter lately.


Totally regardless of whether pulling out troops is a good or bad idea, “pulling out troops” and “stopping a war” are two different things, lol.


He’s pulling all troops out of Syria and ending all operations there. I don’t see how that’s not “ending the war” there.

Afghanistan, sadly, will continue…but at least it’s being somewhat diminished.