The narratives about Trump thread.


I get it, he means even though the US is ending it’s war in Syria, the war in Syria is far from over.

Although those in the media claiming there will be some sort of vacuum, :man_facepalming: the problem there isn’t a vacumm, I hope I’m not leaving anyone out, Iran is there, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey not to mention Syria itself and all the various factions. Then again the media has been down with interventionist policies for decades, curious minds might ask why they are so upset at the prospect of non interventionist policy.


The war is still there and basically Syria can own it. Iran , Russia, SA and Turkey have all been mouthing off that all they want is a stable Syria. OK. Go do it.

I’m so glad Rand Paul spoke up. However, I am skeptical that many others will follow. Too bad. They could form a new political party out of it, one that might actually split the Dems and GOP so badly they’d make major foreign policy changes that align with the 40% of eligible voting dummies who put them in office. Everyone knows the US is backing away from the table. Bretton Woods is dying and not so slowly. China has proven that ya don’t need a big thick swinging military phallus to take over, say, the continent of Africa. Let’s follow suit and use our economy to get what we want.

Why shouldn’t we? The US Navy is decades ahead of anyone, despite the rumors of Russia hyperspeed missiles and Chinese subs…just more scare tactics. We have 20 aircraft carriers. Twenty. China has 1, and hopes for 5. Russia has one, and I sh8t you not, it has a 200 square foot hole in it.

So, honestly, who wants war in the ME LESS than we do? China and Russia. Russia fears Islamic terrorism running north and destabilizing the Caucus region…again (It’s hard to present and big scary bear front to Europe when dirty boys are kicking the sh8t out of your troops in backwater villages), and China needs the oil bigtime.

It’s time to let the world grow up. Bretton Woods was not supposed to run forever. It was supposed to lead us somewhere. 20 aircraft carriers, a sh8tpile of nukes, and the only growing economy and solid demography in the G20. Stepping back is the only way to go. Would it have been better if Obama did it? Sure. But given the promise of making umpteen millions in book sales and a Netflix deal and the perpetual illusion of relevance, he and his wife sold out but quick.

Enter the Don. Make peace (through the threat of superior firepower) great again. :banana:


Apologies for the back to back posts, but here ya go, fresh off the presses. The friggin Washington Post says Obama didn’t fund the military enough and that the US is really really super vulnerable to attacks from Russia and China, you know cause they have cyberstuff, antiship missiles and satellites.

Do you see why people can’t stand the Left leaning media?

The US shut down North Korea with the flick of a switch when they hacked Sony Pictures to bootleg movies and dirty talk emails. The US never plays up its own cyberhackingsupersecretspy sh8t. I wonder why that is. Oh yeah, because we can shut down an entire country from a bunker in Colorado.

Ugh, NO to a border fence, but yes to prolonged military engagement overseas. Yay Democrats! Because it’s not about money, it’s about principle.


Bretton Woods is dying? Bretton Woods has been dead since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971.


It’s taken a while for reality to catch up, but yeah. All our debt is in US dollars…which we can and do print…at will.


a bit late, but merry Christmas to all the alt right Nazi sexist homophobic antisemites on this thread. And to all the Npcs as well, it’s good to be inclusive.




Market just shot up up up. Didn’t people just slam him for a dip when he said perfect time to buy low lol?

People actively rooting for US to fail and suffer are insufferable.


It’s all about the Orange Man Bad narrative. Good things happen…bad for narrative. Bad things happen…good for narrative!


It’s current year; when the stock market went up the moment Trump won and reached peak record within a couple of years, it was thanks to #44’s economics, but if the market goes down it’s Sdrumpf’s fault (even if it went down right after the Fed increased interest rates, over which Trump had nothing to do)


The market has been juicy, makes me wish I was playing. Great for shorting and buying low on dips.


Air superiority of US military would still wreck China.

China has been known to overplay what they actually do.


The volatility is great for investors, especially for investors who need/want to reposition holdings. It’s not so great for some retirees who may have stayed in stocks for too long (and who traded growth for security). For young people the dips may represent once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to buy equities that will make their later years much, much more comfortable.

So yeah, 2018 has been a fantastic year for making money on Wall Street, no doubt. First lesson in biz school finance: the magnitude of absolute variance in a common stock’s share price is a feature not a bug. Really being tested these days!


The boomers are retiring by like 10k per day. Thus begins the longest and largest pump and dump in history. I watched the biz newz yesterday and hand to god, some very white very calm guy was on telling old farts to relllaaaaaax, it would terrible to take money out now. Then I read that some other guy was saying no no, cut your losses, take and your lumps and once again, hand to god, buy US Treasuries for their secure 2%. Meh, I’m stocking my IRAs with assisted living REITs and healthcare.


The way this is connected to Trump is that he’s pissing off the entire establishment…which is how he got the job, first tax cuts, then trade wars, new NAFTA, FED tweets. But this is the new reality, Dow 20K. Imagine the horror if it drops to 18K. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a pullback, real recession. The younguns think it’s all about winning.


It’s been a long time since we had a bear market, for sure. I think the younguns would do well to learn enough about personal finance (maybe some basic macroeconomics, too) in order to decide - for themselves - whether they think the equity valuations will always trend up or whether there is any real risk of a prolonged bear market.

We’ve never had the latter. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but it never has in the US. Those younguns would do well to see today’s dips, even a bear market, as a goldmine and not a lead mine. No matter where the market goes over the next fifty years the idea is still to buy low and sell high.


I doubt it. We’re set up for growth. Cheap domestic oil, drilled and refined here. Industry (albeit slowly returning), foreign investment at about 115 billion per month, good growth demographics, despite the baby boomer bubbles, and a market that is quite self sufficient. US GDP linked to world trade is around 15%. Meh.

When Trump says, “They need us more than we need them,” he ain’t wrong.


Because Kentucky.


The funny thing is it doesn’t have to be certain it could wreck China. It just has to be plausible that it could, even maybe, to make the risk unacceptable (under ordinary circumstances anyway).


checking old replies on this topic is quite fun!

a random tweet that made me smile regarding the latest narratives.



reasons why people were not allowed to buy a gun, updated to last month.

Illegal/ unlawful alien = close to 8m applied to purchase a gun.

Why are the democrats such xenophobes? Why are they against the 2nd amendment when so many people who enter the Us looking for a better life feel the need to buy a gun to protect themselves against the Sdrumpf regime?

It really activates my almonds.

In before:“they may have been tourists!”

A) #notall, checkm8, bigot
B) why are Canadians such violent gunlovers that they go to the Us to try and illegally purchase guns?