The narratives about Trump thread.


He came across as a genuine nutjob to me, but who knows these days. The video’s got 7 million views so someone’s made some money.


When @Dr_Milker posted the link to the video yesterday,, it had just over 44,000 views. So yeah, now 7 million views - and climbing.

The guy’s investment in MAGA attire has officially paid off. :smile:

eta: the yt video linked to yesterday actually has only 84,417 views as I edit this. There are several versions on yt, though.


The power of forumosa.


Predictable in being more open-minded and tolerant maybe. I’ve never seen a Trump supporter lose it like this when they see someone in a Hillary or Obama T-shirt. This particular syndrome seems to be exclusive to those on the left.


There was that guy who drove his car into a bunch of people.


True, but he wasn’t filmed at the time, so we don’t really know what mental state he was in at that moment.


Even if someone is filmed we don’t really know about their mental state.


At Trump rallies people go rabid just at the mention of Hillary all the time.


Well, he was under treatment for mental illness at the time (one that’s actually in the DSM).


Chants of “lock her up” wouldn’t seem to meet the definition of rabid, and she’s committed multiple felonies that she hasn’t answered for, so the chant doesn’t seem unreasonable either. And the mood of the crowd at those rallies is usually more of a festive one.


I’m not sure what your argument is. Anti-Trump people behave crazily even though they don’t have mental health issues, but Trump supporters only behave crazily because they have mental health issues?


Statistically speaking, there are sure to be a good number of people with mental issues in both camps, but TDS seems to have reached the level of mass psychosis. There have been numerous incidents of Trump supporters being physically attacked for nothing more that wearing something with Trump’s name on it. I don’t see that happening on the other side.


Thank you , James Thurber got nothing on you :smirk: I think it would be a fair statement to , even you , that it is difficult for many to wear a Trump Hat , without some serious repercussions , in shops, schools , just about anywhere.
When someone wore a support Obama Hat , the reaction was not the same , from these “rabid” supporters. Probably indifference. Of course you can find some examples , but we are both patently aware of reality.


Trump rallies involve people reacting to people around them (and Trump of course), not people alone as an employee in a public store, an employee ostensibly responsible for serving customers despite their age, sex, race, or ethnicity. There was nobody chanting there, nobody off camera working up the crowd, no waiting in line for hours and then blowing off all that stored energy among a bunch of others who did the same and in reaction to Trump’s rhetorical hijinks.

Instead this guy was buoyed by whatever MSM he’d consumed prior and (oddly) content he evidently found on his phone when he decided to check out of his rant/fit.

People at Trump rallies get worked up, no doubt about it, but comparing them to the vape store npc is apples to oranges imo.


No doubt about it.



I didn’t know spontaneous snorts of derision and uncontrollable laughter were signs of rabidity.


Is this not what young people are being taught? “resist”, “get in their faces”, when told “no”, scream in protest.

Are you not pleased with the predictable outcome?


So, what does that mean ?

Seems to me a bit simplistic take on how young people are brought up, but then again I don’t have kids


That’s the right question. But not a simple answer, a couple of years ago no one from the progressive left would have ever asked that question.

Don’t worry if I am not particularly forthcoming with an answer, I expect we will see much more of this in 2019 and that question will be asked again.