The narratives about Trump thread.


Is your belief that these things are doing fine due to Trump?


No, a single point of reference, Obama or trump is simplistic. For the sake of this discussion though, he will claim, it is all due to him and it’s not exactly a strong point for Democrats to challenge him on. Unemployment is at a 20 year low and the idea is Democrats will hit Trump on jobs?

That makes no sense. None.


So, I agree with you on the point that he will claim it is due to him.

But, claiming it is due to him doesn’t make him look particularly knowledgable about the economy nor can I see why a voter would see that as a positive thing(or maybe they dont get it that its not due to him?)

Either way, its weird of him to take as much credit as he does for it.


I really don’t have any interest in getting into another one of your inane arguments. The fact he’s clinging to this stupid Pocahontas narrative is enough to tell me he can’t go after her on the issues, because it’s very rare that he does. And if he does bring up issues, it’s usually from a heavily skewed perspective. Like people who claim Democrats want open borders.

Well, screaming “Pocahontas!” is obviously enough to convince some people.

Obama took it from 9 to 10% and brought it down to around 4.1% (granted, over 8 years), Trump’s only taken that down to 3.7% or 3.8% and it was 4.0% around June. If you think Trump’s going to be able to laud that over Democrats, I have a bridge to sell you.


My feelings exactly, cheer on big brother and the swamp if you like, never been a fan of “the man”. But you do you.


You’re missing the point, though. He won’t have to go “after her” on the issues. He’ll go after her on the basis of her personal character. It will be similar to “lock her up” but with the considerable advantage that Pocahontas, despite not being native American, materially benefitted from claiming to be native yet - the key - denies it.

She has it within her power to completely defuse the issue, but she is evidently incapable of doing so. It’s yet another character flaw she has.

I don’t think she’ll be the Democrat nominee, though. I think they’ll eat her before they allow her to get that far.


Yeah, probably.


Biden will maul her and bring in Clinton style cash in doing so.


Trump is going to regret claiming the economy as his own.

The economy is going to be in the crapper by election time.


Biden is not diverse enough for the Democrats IMO, my bet is still on Kamala Harris.


Stop that. lol

There’s no way she will be accepted by the big DNC bank and Hollywood money.


Two years from now? What’s yer reasoning?


Oh, since we are going for shits and giggles, Michelle Obama polls higher than any other Democrat, despite her flat out rejection of any run for President.


I think the Democrats will work hard to keep her from the nomination because she would be one candidate who could easily take Trump’s own poor character right off the table.

The Boston Globe and Harvard have worked very, very hard to paper over the employment advantages she received by claiming to be native American. I think that Warren is willing to believe that, with their help, it will work.

If that paper job ever becomes subject to real scrutiny, though, it’s a disaster. For her and the Democrats. As long as she is willing to stand behind the Boston Globe (a Democrat media organ that, let’s face it, was willing and able to re-remake Ted Kennedy into a knight in shining armor every six years) and her former employer (Harvard), rather than admit the truth, the more she courts a fatal wound.

I think the Democrats will find a way, any way to keep her off the ballot.


And let’s not forget, she is a bit of a shark:
Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is eyeing a presidential run, blasted former Senator Joseph Lieberman for becoming a lobbyist for ZTE Corp, a Chinese telecommunications equipment maker accused of ties to China’s government.

She’ll take the low hanging fruit now, thanks.


I think it was the cnn that was somehow showing Beta and kamala in the lead, even though polling showed Biden ahead.
I guess the media picked their horse(s), unless they changed their mind this week.


TYT keeps smashing that narrative though. CNN is pushing the fringe. They got Trump erected doing that. Why not try it again on the other side?


Despite playing dumb on the air, the media are very well informed and know well ahead of time what the game plan is. Biden might be used as cover to draw fire early on, but I think Harris is the goal.


I’d do anything in my power to keep Biden away from the nomination. There’ll be a montage of him creepily touching kids and it’ll be all over.


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