The narratives about Trump thread.


Those two keys are not close together. It’s just part of my online charm. :whistle:


We’ve been in another credit bubble ever since the Fed decided to combat the last bubble burst by blowing up another one… And that bubble was created by the Fed to combat the bubble that burst before that.

It’s starting to crumble already. Yield curve has inverted. The stock market is becoming increasingly volatile with record losses followed by record gains followed by huge losses… That’s exactly what happened prior to the big burst in 2008.

Things aren’t going to be good in a couple of years.


Nancy Pelosi and the Fed will be left holding the bag.

They’ll try to stick it on the Orange One but he’s got the game to dodge the blame.

So everybody… how’s the shutdown treating you?


To be fair, it’s the 2-5 that’s inverted, not the 2-10 (yet). The 2-10 inversion is the one that’s predicted a recession accurately every occurrence since 1962.

Not saying your prediction is necessarily wrong, though.


today in the markets:

“the 2Y Treasury dipped below 2.40%, trading at 2.3947% to be exact, and joining its 3Y and 5Y peers, which were already trading with a sub-2.4% handle. Why is that notable? Because 2.40% is where the Effective Fed Funds rate is - by definition the safest of safe yields in the market, that is backstopped by the Fed itself. In other words, for the first time since 2008, the 2Y (and 3Y and 5Y) are all trading below the effective Fed Funds rate.”


Yeah, but we’re in a very different place economy wise now. Past performance not indicating future performance and all.

One way or another, we’ll see. I think the economy has legs, debt is a non issue, we pay it off in dollars, and China’s losses are our gains.


The Dems are poised to kick the legs out from under the economy.

Then debt will matter.


is that the talking point now on the right.

you now expect the economy to tank, but the Dems will be to blame.



It will not tank! There will be some instability because of the dem cucks, but things will settle down.


they are cucks. I have arranged to have sex with Chuck Shumer’s wife in his presence next time I am in Washington.



U wot m8


The dem cucks have been singing the same song for centuries, when will they get tired?

Lulz, sad!


She’s smart enough to pick an easy target.




orange man orange-er.


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The oranger the better, I say.


Nice try, but no:

screenshot of cnn homepage, reds in the highlights are boosted.

this is with a small adjustment in the red channel that removes the magenta tint from the flag. There’s no way a camera can automatically produce that level of fuckery in the red channel.


Bromance over?