The narratives about Trump thread.


Options are:

a) After being exposed to the wonderful “white people are the real terrorists” and “Kanye is a negro who don’t read” he doesn’t care anymore

b) He found a better job

c) Retarded cop / slightly less retarded cop


I go with option c. This is CNN, after all.


Did he? I heard he had 8 minutes, can’t have got too many big ones in there, care to share the big ones?



Out of Seattle Q13 Fox. The employee has since been fired.

Haha. The Orange Lizard.

Ok, which forumosan is the likeliest to gif Trump and his lips on the right-side video?


Let’s not make it personal. Anyway, I’d have no problem with anyone posting Trump as a lizard, or anything else that’s fun. Might be an idea to start a thread on the dishonest media, since there are examples daily.


I was more thinking someone would raise their own hand and do it. Not list people.
Someone is trigger-happy today. It’s Friday, remember?





If anything, he’ll go down as the master troller of others.

“Dear Diary…” lolol


Not surprising unfortunately. The Democrat media has decided that President Trump is one to be brought down, and they’re determined to distort facts if necessary.

It’s the biggest reason I gave up my digital WaPo subscription. Behavior of the Democrat media is beyond disgusting. It’s why Trump was able to turn “fake news” around on Clinton during the election and subsequently on the Democrats as a whole, and do so successfully.


Deepfake news generated by Democrat media in Seattle.


Fox is PURGING all the dissident voices!!! This is textbook A Brave New Mein 1984 Kampf!!!


Why is this fake ? I haven’t heard this story but reading the article it makes sense the guy got fired, or am I missing something ?


I think that one speaks for itself, they did some editing, looping and pausing to make Trump look even more stupid in the eyes of those who already hate him added with the typical orange hue contrast. CNN do this (although not quite as blatantly), honestly this kind of distortion is so common I hardly put it in the “fake news” category, just an individual with TDS.

Now this bit of news shows an entirely different level of maliciousness. A company with close ties to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), creates thousands of twitter bots, gets them to follow Roy Moore then turns around a claims Roy Moore is being supported by the Russians, the media lap it up (useful idiots). You might not like Roy Moore, I don’t have a particularly good impression of him myself. But this is some next level sleazy stuff.

The take away is, this group was paid 50 million to keep pushing the Russia narrative, even in the example above fabricating the story themselves and the complaint media so delusional from TDS will run with it. Every time.


But, the news article quoted said the person who did the editing got fired, which he should have been in my opinion as well.

So, I am confused, are you objecting to him being fired or whats the issue with the article posted above?

The next poster then posted in response to the person getting fired

Fox is PURGING all the dissident voices!!! This is textbook A Brave New Mein 1984 Kampf!!!

Should he not have been fired, or was the article somehow inaccurate(hence the fake)?


Honestly I couldn’t care if he got fired or not. Fiddling around with the live feed to make Trump look like an orange lizard is fake news of a kind. I’m personally not bothered by that kind of larking around, but whatever.

To be clear, the article itself is not fake, it’s reporting on a news feed that was manipulated to be fake.

The type of fake news I gave an example of is much more pernicious IMO, but again in this type of fake news I am not pointing the blame at the press (except their over eagerness for anything “Russia” related) more like they are useful idiots.


Yep. Every single time.


Aha, okay. So it was not the quoted article per se that was the “fake news”, but it was the Fox News coverage about which this news article reported.



I just subscribed. Their work deserves to be supported