The narratives about Trump thread.




Used to be a great newspaper. Alas, no more. Unfortunately they’re beyond redemption, I’m afraid.

I’ll miss the local sports, news from the Beltway, and some friends I made in the Comments sections there.


The whole relationship between Trump and the press is interesting. I found this interview interesting, (there’s a longer version well worth watching) but in this segment it can be argued both Trump’s digital manager and the media guy are both incapable of self reflection. I might argue one side is more incapable than the other but imagine others might have sides reversed.


He’s exactly correct. Today’s Democrat media is not on the side of the American people, they’re on the side of the Democrat party (or as Trump’s man graciously phrases it, “on the side of a portion of the American people”). Period, full stop. No question about it.

The most remarkable thing about the clip is that the interviewer seems to think this is made up, or merely polemic, or fake, or wrong. Their TDS is so, so strong these days.


fact checkers have become my replacement for conspiracy theory websites when I’m looking for some entertainment. They’re not even trying anymore.


Even if those statements actually appeared on the website, which you’ve failed before apparently unconcernedly when posting this kind of thing and I’m tired of checking, they’re obviously different statements.


Yes, but I still find it funny that the fact that in 2017 Amazon paid no income tax wasn’t even mentioned in the fact checking article about Trump’s statement.

I love the ending of the Bernie article:

"We can’t know that for certain until we see Amazon’s tax return. But experts say the closest estimate is that Amazon indeed paid zero in federal income taxes. In fact, Amazon estimates a $137 million rebate.

Experts said there was no indication of foul play. The tax credits and write-offs for stock-based compensation that enabled this were passed by Congress.

We rate this statement True."

We don’t know for sure…we rate this true.


If Amazon isn’t a monopoly than the claim fails. I understand that it might seem we should take special note when Trump says something that is actually true, but I don’t see how it’s necessary here. It reads to me that that portion is not under dispute.

While I wouldn’t consider these sites to be the tome of wisdom or anything, it seems to me they do a pretty good job of evaluating statements.


Bernie was also specifically referring to federal income tax, when again the Donald alleges they pay no taxes(which is not true) see for example here

The links you provided also explains that they pay paid payroll tax, etc

Furthermore, amazon doesn’t have a monopoly, as also explained in your links


Trump is shielding R Kelly.


Good interview with Trump, if you think of his Presidency as having just watched season 1 and 2 consider this a preview to season 3. Starts at around 5.30 mark.


What a moron Trump is


Real history, sounds like a drunk person talking, normal Trump.

Drunk History by Trump on General Grant




I woke up and checked some news. Apparently buzzfeed had some shocking revelations, from anonymous sources familiar with the matter, that proved how Sdrumpf colluded with russia. Then almost immediately Muller’s office pointed out that buzzfeed 's report is incorrect.

What is even going on? Is Muller protecting Trump?? Is Muller actually Trump’s contact with Putin and he was put in charge of that “investigation” to make sure nothing would come out it? Is buzzfeed on crack?

I’m finding it hard to follow the narrative.


if you go down that rabbit hole, you might not like what you see or have to believe… :slight_smile:


Yesterday CNN spent all day covering the BuzzFeed story, today they are covering Mullers statement it is false.

Conclusion. Watching CNN is a complete waste of time because you learn absolutely nothing.




Wasn’t it buzzfeed that fell for the 4chan prank of Trump pissing on obama’s bed in Russia?
I’m starting to see a pattern…


I don’t believe any news. They can’t be trusted because ratings matter more than truth.