The narratives about Trump thread.


I think you need to be able to sift out the malicious players from the useful idiots and there are far more useful idiots than malicious players.

The useful idiots want to help out but don’t know they are being played. You’re pee pee dossier is a good example. CNN wanted the story (useful idiot 1) but needed a hook like the president being briefed, Brennan (malicious player) goes to Comey (useful idiot 2) and says “Hey Comey, I think you brief the President on this dossier”. A couple of days later after Comey tells him the deed is done, Brennan lets CNN know and they run the story. Except, they had to run a retraction the next day because as it turns out Comey never briefed Trump fully, only on the pee pee part and Comey forgot to tell Brennan that.

BuzzFeed are thought of as useful idiots that will run with anything and are used as such. I don’t doubt they have legitimate sources either. Those sources wanted to see the news channels talk about impeachment and they got what they wanted. CNN and MSNBC talked about impeachment 200 times yesterday.


Yes. Watching CNN, you’d be excused for believing there’s no actual news going on anywhere in the world. They’ve been completely sucked up by the black hole that is Trump.


I can still get actual news from BBC and Bloomburg via cable, unfortunately the only thing CNN is good for is the entertainment value of watching 5 people stuffing and munching on crayons one after the other.


The Xanatos Gambit. Not to be confused with Xanadu or Zantac…

Political power flows from the barrel of a gun. Never alienate the military. But a lot of civil agencies have guns and ammo now. What the civils don’t have is the right mentality to win when people might shoot back.




Exactly The DNC Media is already trying to go after Sanders again. Unbiased my ass. MSM just doesnt like political outsiders to expose the decades of War and Corruption regardless if the outsider is Left, Center or Right.




Gonad Glumpf is not my president!


That’s fine. Can’t please everyone.


Do you live outside the USA ?


I don’t even have a president
but still, Flownad Clumpf is not my prseident!


Exactly who is your prseident?


I think he’s a dual citizen of Benisland and Baginastan.


No wonder his English is so wacky!


Didn’t Ron Popeil sell a Flownad?


That first one is so accurate!
What’s the name of the guy who made? gooddammit all these artists who have to sign their work in a way that looks like they stuffed a pen inside a dog’s ass and asked it to write their name in exchange for a cookie.

Gurby Vurvill?
Berge Fervel?

Fucking hell.


Yesterday ‘blabbermouth’ barbie Conway had her go again.


So many ways to spin this. It looks like neediness, Dilbert Guy is calling it a high ground maneuver, and I don’t know what to think…


Trump is a guy who makes deals, he’s no ideologue. That’s what Americans want in government, although the Ann Coulters of the world disagree. What Trump is doing here is making a deal, and he knows that unless the Democrats make a mistake he will have to be willing and able to cede ground. Coulter will not be happy if that happens

Both parties need government up and running, but Democrats have built their whole reason for existence around the idea that only government can make American lives the best they can be. Democrats have more at stake, then, by government being shut down.

The weakest link is probably the TSA and their paychecks, barring some unseen outside event. TSA agents are already handing out leaflets in some airports, but it’s not clear yet which party feels the most pressure. Regardless, when airports no longer work is when Pelosi’s Democrats will fracture and then give ground - if not before.