The narratives about Trump thread.


But this doesn’t look like standard good negotiating strategy.

Up to now, I’ve usually felt I knew what he was up to, and that his critics didn’t have a clue. And I usually turned out to be right. I don’t have that feeling about this one.

Sometimes he pulls a surprise. Let’s hope he’s got something up his sleeve.


the surprise…





OK, his coffee tastes like burnt ass water, but I’m starting to really like this Howard Schultz guy right now. I wonder if Trump hired him to run as an independent?


Never tasted burned ass water, but I’ll accept your personal verification of this. :grin:

Some Dems coming out (all over MSM) saying they’ll boycott Starbucks if he runs, because they don’t want to contribute to Trump’s easy re-election probability. lol


I should’ve stated that more clearly. It tastes like one would imagine burned ass water tasting.



Spin? Or truth? Time will tell.

The Dems have been hurt by all this, but unless the wall gets built Trump will have been hurt more. What matters in the end is which side has more points on the scoreboard.




What really matters in the end is US taxpayers are getting screwed by Trump and the GOP that signed off on this rather than using that money to actually help the country.

I wish people would stop making this issue seem as if there is validity to idea of this wall. It’s not political football, these decisions affect real human lives.


Actually, the country is visibly on the mend. So, no. That line of argument won’t fly.


correct, it’s affecting my life as a taxpayer who has to pay for illegals’ schooling and much more


The government shutdown hurt the American people far more than the illegals that Americans gladly hire to build their decks and pick their fruit cheaply.

If you think as a taxpayer illegals are your problem, you need to read more.


How did the shutdown hurt any American people that you know personally? Do tell.

And no, I don’t give a flying fuck about the government workers. They’ve had it soft since forever.


Government workers are a pretty big sector of the US population and economy and provide necessary services Americans need. If you don’t give a fuck about them, you don’t give a fuck about the American people. Which is exactly the point.


@nc47 was nice enough to openly admit 85% of government workers are useless, or something to that effect.

People get laid off from their jobs in all kinds of private industry. What’s your special love affair with government workers who hardly can’t get fired?


So you’re saying you prefer not to have a federal government?


The government is not the American people. If you think that, you don’t understand America. The media tried really hard to play the narrative of the “poor suffering government workers,” who will get their back pay anyway. Nobody bought it.


states rights


So much for Dems being anti war. :roll_eyes: They’re just working against trump now, with no interest of the american people in mind.