The narratives about Trump thread.


About that SOTU…

Demolishing the tropes. Well, they’re mostly rubble by now anyway.

And for those who believe in polls:


An example of why we have no sympathy for those bastards:


Paying people to do jobs. Imagine that.


SOTU was more like a SOT (State Of Trump)!


Most of them could easily be laid off.

They would contribute more to society as WalMart greeters.


By ‘they’ you mean ‘you’ as well right?


That’s right, his tone. I’m not sure this (or any) segue from tone into morality (wtf) works very well. Or at all. And it’s by a Harvard grad no less. :thinking:

It probably only works if you are orangemanbad. Anyway, this is what passes for OpEd pieces at WaPo these days.


Still going on about that fake tan, are they?


That’s not a tan, that’s spray paint!


Just for @tempogain :grinning:




So funny to see opinions change . Funny to see that clips like these have been deleted on Youtube etc.


Hehe oops



No DIRECT collusion…there still might have been INDIRECT collusion…or SUBLIMINAL collusion…


Oh there was direct collusion, just not from the Trump team.



i wonder where all the never-trumper media will move now. They still need to clickbait the masses of people who’ll believe any bad narrative about Trump.

Not starting wars in the middle east/south west asia = literal nazism ?


I still catch CNN over a bowl of Frosties. Anderson Cooper likes to work the line, “liar liar liar” and Don Lemon runs with “racist racist racist”. Chris Como looks confused, all the time.

I’m thinking Hillary or Joe Biden might make a move soon, given 4 out of the 5 Democrat nominees just committed political suicide by endorsing the Green New Deal.


or collusion in an alternate universe


Did they not read the plan…or lack of plan? I remember going down the list on AOC’s site and just feeling like it’s more and more absurd as I go.