The narratives about Trump thread.



Yup and I think the posters on here are getting wise, I didn’t see one post on the Covington Kids either until after more facts came out. That was a mad week of fake news on the heels of some story about Mueller having something damming on Trump “if true” was the non stop phrase of the day until Mueller came out and said “not true”.

McCabe is doing the rounds apparently talking about how the DOJ/FBI were discussing ways to get rid of Trump in the days after Comey’s firing. We know know what they settled on. Mueller.


if you want to have a good laugh, have a look at the latest developments in the case of the “brutal aggression” of Smollet by a couple of homophobic white people wearing a Maga hat who tried to lynch him!


Which of your political opinions on current are not derived from media? You dont live in the places youre commenting on.


And then 630 comes, and his buxiban students go home.


Depends on the topic or what is being discussed, for example there is a thread about kids doing a march for Global Warming and has quotes from kids. Don’t know about you, but I find a source like RealClimate to be more informative than a BBC piece quoting little Timmy who is 8 years old.

Or I mentioned the Convington kids, I was first caught that on CNN, my first thought was “what the fuck is this bullshit, a stupid kid, with a stupid grin and a stupid MAGA hat, why is this news?”.

A little latter did a quick browse on reddit, /r/politics, /r/worldnews, /r/news, /r/the_donald. Seemed all of them were pretty cross with the kids, except /r/the_donald which seemed to say everyone got it wrong. /r/the_donald and /r/politics are opposite ends of the spectrum, both can be retarded as each other but I’m kind of thinking “why is this news again”.

Next day it’s top of /r/news /r/worldnews and I’m still thinking “why hasn’t this gone away yet”. But there was a 180 in those forums (except /r/politics which was doubling down) and the news for me was just how mental some people had reacted, calling for burning down the school, outing the kids, getting them expelled. Some people who should have known better like Kathy Griffin who has been on the receiving end of SJW type behavior.

I could go on forever about this kind of trend, I heard it compared to road rage in todays world where we are bombarded with information.

But within that, was once again, was the dishonest MSM, who had to know, I knew with a 5 minute check it was contested what happened right away, but they pushed a false story all day long, until public perception turned on them. The MSM deliberately lies, a lot. Until a few years ago, I didn’t realize just how much and with just how much malice.

In short, read multiple sources, including those you would normally disagree with to form a rounded opinion, and take a deep breath and try not to have knee jerk reactions, wait for the facts to come out.


What is ‘dishonest’ media in your mind? What constitutes mainstream?

This whole post is full of bizarre acronyms derived entirely from media interactions, some of which you label dishonest.

Shouldn’t you be taking each piece of information case by case, reading it, and evaluating it according to whether or not it’s truthful or not? There are no degrees of credibility for you? Just ‘media’ all lumped together, and it’s all dishonest? Sounds pretty zany.


That is what he is saying.


If all media is the same to him, or all “MSM” (whatever that means) is, then he’s not at all.


He didn’t say this but i’ll let him comment.

For me it’s like this. I watch Fox which i’m perfectly aware is biased and I watch CNN and BBC and I know it’s extremely biased. How do I know? I used to shit on Fox for being anything but “fair and balance” and watch CNN and other more left leaning news to confirm my own biases.

Now when I see CNN during the covington incident, i go and see on the other side and everything in between. Hmm…one side says one, another says another. Now i go watch the original video and make up my mind. It’s not hard.


A major cable company, newspaper, that sort of thing. Dishonest is running a story you know is wrong.

An example, Trump said he was going to bring about a change to birthright citizenship. Turn on CNN and they are completely baffled “how can he do this, isn’t it settled, blah blah blah”, do a quick internet search. oh I get it the last ruling was for someone who was a legal resident, I guess he will apply this to illegal immigrants. A few hours later check on CNN and they are still scratching their heads and can’t figure it out.

Stupid, easily checked facts that for reasons of their own agenda, in this case pushing negative news about Trump. Pretend they can’t understand what is going on. They are not that stupid, they are plain out and out lying.

Not all the time, there are some good journalists, some publications or cable channels are better than others. But there are some that just push a false agenda too.

edit/ even on CNN, I quite like Christiane Amanpour, but she wisely steers clear of Trump related news for the most part.


Ok, so there are degrees and it’s case by case depending on the journalists and stories themselves. That seems more reasonable.

I may tend towards liberal biases, but I’m not going to tell you that the stat lines I read from an NFL game are made up because they appeared on Fox, a news station that more frequently publishes inaccurate information and lacks credibility as a result.

Yet it seems my friends on the other side of the fence seem willing to discard information wholesale because it comes from CNN, or MSN, or whatever network isn’t curating their news stories towards their agendas.

Labeling ‘media’ as an entire entity rather than considering stories is dangerous, for obvious reasons. There are some sites, for example Infowars, that lie, distort and specifically mislead their readership for political aims. CNN, MSN, etc certainly have biases as well, but not to that degree. So I don’t think mainstream/non mainstream is way to evaluate.


And more to the point, its pretty absurd to attack media when those attacks on media are themselves derived from media.


But thats not true in the case I just gave, I went to a computer and did a quick google search to find the answer to a question about birthright citizenship. Nothing to do with something being derived from some MSM source. That was just my own observation after checking facts for 30 seconds. If I can do it, why couldn’t the hosts and guests on CNN do it.

The answer was, because they had, and knew. Which was evidenced by a conversation one guest was having in where he started to outline the answer only for the host to cut him off real quick and switch to someone else.


CNN is pretty hard to watch. I think the only time I pay attention to it is if I’m killing time in an airport or something…


CNN, MSNBC, Slate, Salon, HuffPost, The New York Times, The Washington Post, LA Times, Vox, VICE Media, RT, and more: every org listed lies, distorts, and specifically misleads their readership for political aims.

It’s true that InfoWars sprinkles in some much wackier stuff into their mix of news than does, say, WaPo. Fox doesn’t do that, and in fact often winks at its audience to signal they’re knowingly being polemic. You will never see Anderson Cooper smile slightly and allow his eyes to twinkle a bit when he or CNN tells their viewers that the walls are closing in.


Because Fox have cultural permission to be full of sh*t and they know it.

“CNN, MSNBC, Slate, Salon, HuffPost, The New York Times, The Washington Post, LA Times, Vox, VICE Media, RT”

In other words, all the media outlets that don’t corroborate your political worldview. It’s easy to be right all the time when you can discard all the information that isn’t telling you what you want to hear.


No, in these words: they lie, distort, and specifically mislead their readership for political aims.


All of their stories? The entire content? Every writer? All the time?


No media organization can do that, including InfoWars.