The narratives about Trump thread.


I just want to know where The Onion fits into that chart. Next to the National Enquirer, I suppose…


I’m saying that I cannot envision a scenario where I could call it a “coincidence” that all the media outlets that in 2016 declared Clinton as the obvious winner and supported her all the way, happened to only show polls where she was ridiculously ahead of Trump right before the elections, and after her defeat they spent 2+ years blasting Trump for anything he did.

For you it was a combination of coincidences and honest mistakes. For me it was bias.

In before:“Hur durr conspiracy!” -> no


Let’s take an example, one Im sure you have heard of and has been widely reported. Trump Jr’s Trump tower meeting.

I’m sure you have heard plenty about that reported on the news. Do they also note that Natalya Veselnitskaya was working with Fusion GPS? Reminding viewers that Fusion GPS was the firm paid indirectly by the Clintons to create the Russian story? That she met with Glen Simpson (owner of fusion GPS) both before and after the meeting, and in her own words got her talking points from Glen Simpson.

Or do they tend to leave those inconvenient details out. Because if they do, I would suggest they are not being very objective.


They predicted a GOP win for the senate here in 2014. I guess they took a day off from their agenda that day.



Wow, this changes everything


Lib media has allowed a look up its skirt with social media, which wasn’t around in 2003 (or like it is today).

It’s easier to see the herding involved with Twitter’s informal language and when FB’s and youtube’s policing policies are made explicit.

And sometimes they’ll admit they’re Hyper Partisan Liberal, for instance, WaPo just out and out told their readers that they’ll put a finger on the scale , e.g. for more Federal gun control laws.

Because media attention to even the most high-profile mass shootings tends to be transitory, so too are these shootings’ effects on public opinion. It will, therefore, probably take sustained media attention to gun violence to create durable shifts in Americans’ support for gun control.


I actually haven’t read anything on this. I try not to pay attention to that whole story because it fuels the liberal fantasy Trump is going to be impeached. There’s better things they can focus on.

Lunch time


No, for me and most it was genuine surprise that hate, anger, divisiveness, [that R thing you’re not allowed to say here because it offends delicate sensibilities], and partisan loyalty appealed to enough Americans, underestimating voter Apathy and anger with Dems for abandoning the working class, and wrongly guessing that bigotry would be a deterrent to voting for Trump. I would say most feel that way.

If I recall correctly , that poll came out after a debate in which Trump paced back and forth on stage and mumbled incoherently. Overestimating that what candidates actually do and say matters was a big factor.

Can you provide any other evidence besides one really inaccurate prediction to support your conspiracy theory?



Come on…the MSM outside of maybe fox, hates trump. It’s obvious, it’s pretty disproportionate. I was guilty of getting misinformation during the 2016 election. I hated trump, I bought in to him being a racist, sexist, etc. Is trump perfect? No. Would I give him a A+ on his performance, no. But he loves America, he didn’t need this job like these other career politicians, he takes action on things he promised he would do. And he is up there with Mohammad Ali and Michael Jordan with the hilarious trash talk that just embarrasses his opponents who are trying so hard to be PC and virtue signal.

I support the President and I love America, the country that became my second home. I want the best for the president and the country. I do not believe the left and these media types have that in heart. They just hate trump, no matter what he does. As long time dem supporter with Obama as the first vote I put in as a naturalized citizen. I wised up seeing how the dem, the left, MSM just go nuts after he won, try to do everything to stop him instead of doing what is good for the country. These people don’t have the American people at heart, and they don’t give a shit about blacks, hispanics, asians. I see that now clearly.


That chart itself is pure propaganda.


BBC and CNN is neutral lol.

Give me a break. :joy:


Reuters as the holy grail is very current year!


Notice that Cnn ends up JUST WITHIN the “fair persuasion” area. How fortunate!


Offer a better one


Whatever doesn’t reinforce what i think already is fake!

Quick, find a meme


no need , you can make them up yourself :joy:


It’s not that hard to figure out each News networks biases once you realize they almost always have an agenda, left or right.

I think most of us can figure out the jussie smollett attacked was too ridiculous regardless of which news network it was on.


No doubt. They all have agendas. I believe CNN is too corporate to be as far left as it’s being depicted here.


Ok, but they certainly are not fair and neutral. I’m a long time CNN watcher, it was my main news source and really did shape my ideas for a long time. I know they are not fair or neutral. When’s the last time they said anything positive about Trump? Unless you think he has just done zero positive things.