The narratives about Trump thread.


Which will be no big deal for large corporations, but could potentially bankrupt a small business adding a whole new unisex bathroom with plumbing and all.

I mean for disable people, they just can’t physically do some things like jump some stairs with a wheel chair. You can put a gun to their head and they just can’t. People can use the bathroom without causing a big deal.


Hope you enjoyed lunch. The point is knowing the Russian lawyer works with the firm paid to create a Russian collusion story for Hillary Clinton. The entire encounter looks like a setup, it’s plain as day.

But the MSM never mention this fact, despite it being known for years. They mention the Trump Jr meeting with the Russian lawyer, all the time and omit the fact to any person with half a brain it was a Fusion GPS/Clinton setup to dirty the Trump team.

The MSM knows this, it’s an absolutely disgusting distortion of the truth, it changes what might look like Trump having dealings with Rusians, to the Clinton team and their attack dogs Fusion GPS definitely having dealings with the Russians, to set Trump up.


I doubt she could have walked 10 minutes down the road to see you either, not without falling flat on her face or passing out and being thrown in the back of a makeshift ambulance like a side of beef.


Realistically, none of us here (probably combined) make enough dough that either of the Candidates would have any time for us.

Clinton bashing is pretty low hanging fruit, honestly. What strikes me about it is the double standard at play by her fiercest critics: When Trump, McConnell, GOP, Paul Ryan play power politics, it’s viewed as positive. They ‘tell it like it is’, that’s real world politics. But if Dems step out of bounds–especially ones that don’t look like the dead presidents on the money-- they get raked over the coals.

This tells me that in their real minds they expect more of Democrats.


Of course.

If a business owner happens to own the building s/he’s in, then he or she may be faced with the choice to convert space that could be used for revenue (shelf space, for example) into a capital investment that can’t be depreciated (real estate) and the maintenance of which is nothing but added expense. Not to mention extra insurance and other headaches.

If the biz owner rents, then - assuming the business is successful, or even just has inventory turns or even just foot traffic - s/he’s faced with an almost certain hike in the monthly lease. If the building owner invests in new bathrooms for a successful retailer, the owner rightfully sees it as a bargaining chip wrt a new lease. If you’re successful enough to need a new unisex bathroom, you’re going to pay more for your space in rent.

Just pointing out that Democrats can be a pain in the revenue ass even if they’re not in power, and can up tax rates as well - and all of the above is why the US economy under Trump (who gets it) has taken off like a Chinese firecracker despite all the dysfunction in the press and in DC.


The GDP may be taking off. That economy is not doing much for you, sir.


I’m not sure what more the US can do to ensure that all Americans have access to opportunity (other than not elect Democrats). A rising GDP will eventually lift all boats.

A rising GDP is also the only way to reduce the damage done to the US and US fiscal policy by the public debt. America is going to have to grow its way out of its public debt, grow GDP so big that the public debt shrinks as a portion of GDP. That’s the only macroeconomic way to minimize the public debt (unless we find/exploit a new planet or something similar).

Every new massive spending plan adds to the time we spend on the treadmill, sir.


A lot of my unemployed friends finally found jobs after 2-3 years of giving up and living with the parents playing video games lol. It’s not just unemployment is down, firms are actually hiring.


Let me know when those boats get lifted, because GOP always say that and it never happens. They run up massive deficits to pay for tax cuts that people like you or me don’t benefit from.

One good way to lessen debt is to take in more revenue from corporations, which pay only 7% of our annual budget. So unless you’re one of the people stashing money away in the Caymans–I’m certainly not and I have a feeling you aren’t either–that increasing GDP doesn’t help you much.

I’m all for reducing massive spending. Let’s start by cutting the big government military spending Trump tacked onto the economy.


Maybe one day California will realize this? Road diets cutting out lanes for bikes last time i went that made traffic worst with the thinking that it will reduce cars and encourage biking. Sure made people bike, but also cause traffic jams that is probably worse for the enviroment because bumper to bumper traffic is worse lol. Schools are overpacked and teacher underpaid, but they want the migrants to just come right in. Homelessness is the worse i’ve seen. If my sister’s work wasn’t in hollywood, i would have told her to get out now. She makes a great salary also well, but still have to share with 3 roommates with rent there. Not fun.


Only in the fiscal year that your new taxes would be enacted. Next year the corporations leave the US and pay low corporate taxes in some other nation.

We won’t use our military to defend them you counter. Well, it’s not like they’ll be forced to move (or be likely to move) to Russia or China. They would move to a legal entity that we already defend.

The only significant improvement the US can make in tax revenue would be to find a way to tax the >45% of US households who currently pay $0 in US Federal income tax. Real live improvements won’t come from taxing the wealthy, including wealthy corporations because they’re wealthy enough to determine their own tax jurisdictions.


Then you sincerely don’t understand Trump supporters, they absolutely despise Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is not far behind.


Do you know what the corporate tax rate was under Reagan?


I could google it, but I have a feeling that you don’t know much about taxes for corporations, which is as massively complicated (much more than individual US tax) as it is boring.

I’m not going to believe you if you tell me there’s trillions to be found in increasing corporate taxes, for reasons I’ve already laid out.


From what I gather they despise nearly everyone. It’s hard to keep track.


35% under Clinton.
Since 1942 Never under 40% until the 80’s.

I might not be an expert in corporate taxes, but I can say with some certainty that if you’re taking in 20% and increasing spending at the same time, you’re not going to reduce that deficit much.


not beautiful ted and his cool beard


Not to mention that you’ve evidently missed the point about the public debt as a share of GDP.

The deficit (which adds to the public debt) doesn’t become significant if that deficit is used to fertilize GDP. Trump and the GOP have lowered taxes, yes, but they’ve not added new spending programs. Instead they’ve salted the clouds (despite Democrat headwinds) to make it rain GDP in the short term.

Everything they’ve done is designed to grow GDP year over year, not necessarily to shrink the deficit. In that way - growth of GDP year over year - they reduce the impact of service on the public debt to (upon) US fiscal policy.

It is a fundamental difference in philosophy between the GOP and the Democrats here. The Democrats would (they say) cripple GDP in order to shrink the deficit, while the GOP wants to increase the deficit (from the tax side mostly) in order to make GDP grow sufficiently to shrink the ratio of public debt:GDP.


So now you’re saying the deficit isn’t actually a problem, so long as we’re running them up in order to line the pockets of people that are already really rich.

Trickle Down economics is nothing new, and is still as much a fairy tale as it was back then.

I gotta sleep.

I’m sure we’ll pick this up soon. Google “Minnesota vs. Wisconsin” economies and compare Dayton’s higher tax rates in Minnesota vs. Walker’s Trickle Down cut everything approach. See which state’s economy improved and added new jobs, and which one didn’t. I’ll bet you can guess :slight_smile:


I think if you read a bit more carefully you’ll see that I have never said any such thing.

We’re all Americans, even the Democrats. We’re all in this boat together, and the public debt is sufficiently large that - short raising taxes to pay it off, which would be silly - we will all benefit from using the tried and tested way of lessening the impact of servicing the US public debt, i.e., growing GDP enough to shrink the debt as a portion thereof.

Sleep well. Don’t let any wonky dreams bother your slumber, sir.