The narratives about Trump thread.



“We can seize this McDonald’s and make it government property.”

WAIT A SECOND, COMRADE…the God Emperor would have never said something like that!!!

Though I chuckled at this:“We’ll get two Big Macs, two filet-o-fish sandwiches, and a large chocolate shake! The usual!”, because I imagined him ordering all that food for himself but saying:“WE’LL get…” pretending that it was for his staff as well, while in reality he wanted to stuff it all in his mouth.


Of course, 20 million people in the country illegally, thousands crossing the border illegally every day, thousands of murders every year at the hand of illegals, child trafficking and all the other horrors associated with gangs that operate and profit on the border.

I don’t blame any of the people trying to get into the US, I get the politics of those countries is complicated and not without US influence.

But you want to compare it to a broken McD’s ice cream machine. Really? Democrats seem intent on pretending there is no problem. Any way you slice it seems to me there is a crisis, the only question is how to deal with it and if you are of the opinion a wall (or fence) is the wrong way, I can respect that.

Either way, solutions are not found by looking away.


It’s a joke and so is Trump and his huge emergency


Noted. I wonder what else you find funny? Venezuela? The desperation these people must have to make what is known to be a dangerous trip?

The MSM told you it was funny so you think it is funny. The whole situation is very sad. Think for yourself.


If I hear another word about this MSM bullshit I’ll puke. You think for yourself.


Doesn’t matter if you and I disagree on solutions. Open borders, not open borders. Take the migration of millions into EU if it is less sensitive to your US sensibilities.

Any way you look at it, it is sad, there is nothing funny about it.

edit/ Now while i think about it, a large part of the reason for that migration of millions was in no small part because of the person you thought was fit to run the US, Hillary Clinton. SMH.


Declaring a national emergency for illegal immigration is a joke and extremely dangerous. I’m not going to be to happy when a nutty leftist gets into office and declares a national emergency for climate change and starts using executive powers to force his/her will on us.


Didn’t Obama already transfer a billion dollars for Global Warming? Another billion dollars for Iran?

Using the EU as an example, the issue of immigration led to Brexit, the single biggest shake up of the EU in decades. You can’t pretend it is a non issue.

Disagree on how to deal with it, that’s fine. But pretend it’s not there and I will tell you that we no longer have a framework for discussion because you no longer accept reality.


I don’t recall pretending like illegal immigration isn’t an issue. I asserted that declaring it a national emergency in order to get around a failed attempt to negotiate funding for a border wall is a joke and a dangerous precedent.


I get that you might disagree with that. That is fair criticism. A joke? Maybe I don’t get you and Tempo’s sense of humor. Whatever. Knock yourselves out. I won’t get in the way of you or anyone else who want’s to crack jokes on this one. #Basta.


You can’t deny it’s not comedy gold, and how trump himself has been undermining his argument that it’s an “national emergency”

I think some of his own statements will popup in court documents. You check the announcement press conference ? Ah, it was hilarious

Hilarious, I hope trump continues to deliver laughs for a second term


He did. I get people take issue with what he did. His words will come back to haunt him.

Surprised? Not at all, this was on the cards going back well over a year.


Not surprised, just saying, the guy is funny.

The whole thing with his rambling and then people dressed up like the guy in my profile picture cheering him on is just so hilarious.


As my favorite stand up comedian once said, " Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."

I saw Trumps press conference, low energy, not confident and rambling. Fair assessment.


What is happening in America?


Well, you won’t find out by watching CNN.


As I was saying I just watched Trumps press conference. I actually did listening to someone who specializes in body language. He touched on N.Korea and China trade deals, to sum up what she thought. Things are not good right now.


Trump needs to pick up the phone and call Dennis Rodman. I’m dead serious, I think he can help.


A lot of moving parts in Washington and even more globally. Most of which want to see Trump ground up and chewed up and spat out again.