The narratives about Trump thread.


Seems jusaie smollett has a history of lying like our Native American army ranger fridge mechanic scout


Poor Jussie must’ve been been oppressed by racist police officers while drunk driving.


So, I must only have been reading MSM as I wasn’t aware the emergency decree is unnecessary for trump

But, can you explain to me as if I’m a 6 year old, why did the announce the emergecy decree if he didn’t think he/he doesn’t need it for years?

And, I remember him saying he announced it because he can thus build the wall faster. How can it go faster if he got the funds anyway ?

Also, what was the point with the gov shutdown if not a disagreement about funding for a wall. We’re the 5.5-8billion available to him prior to the shutdown, if yes, why not tap it immediately and just start building ?


From numerous peoples perspective, it’s mostly optics. Both the shutdown and the emergency decree, he want’s to show just how much the Democrats want to to oppose doing common sense measures to protect the border.

As for where the money will come from, it’s long been noted he can move around funds, like 3.5 billion for military construction under 10 USC 284, or 1/2 a billion in treasury forfeiture and so on.

Like he said, it’s not even necessary for him to call an emergency, the media laughed their heads off on that leaping to the conclusion he was implying there was not an emergency at the border. Another way to look at it, would be it’s not necessary to call an emergency to seize emergency funds, because he has already got them.


Police brutality 8(


Ah, I love the orange guy. Pure comedy gold.

The guy enters office early 2016, then goes on tweeting and complaining about illegal immigration weekly, if not even daily.

And, the guy instead of just fixing the issue by taping in to federal funds.which it has long beed noted he can just move around, he drags the whole thing out for 2 years.

Then, before before he stars fixing the issue he shutdowns the government and furloughs 800k federal employees to show how much dems oppose common sense.

It is hard not to laugh out loud, the above just makes no sense when considering he could just have tapped the funds on his first day of office.



There is a video above I posted where they are replacing parts of the wall. like an 8ft corrugated fence with a more effective 30ft steel slated wall.

Having more money doesn’t move the process along any faster, the rest is all optics.

Think about it, he’s got the Democrats suing in a dozen locations to challenge his emergency order to use emergency funds, which in all likely hood he has no intention of touching. Certainly not in the short term, a couple of years.

So it plays out in the media, get’s plenty of coverage and everyone is left with the impression Democrats will go to desperate measures to oppose common sense measures to protect the border.

All the while he merrily goes on his way replacing bad sections with better sections. New sections I guess are harder, but I imagine he will push for those too. But he has the cash. He threw the cat something to play with and the cat is very excited and playing with their new toy.


so, I’m sure the people suffering from the crisis would have preferred he taped the funds day 1 and solved it instead of this show, but then again it wouldn’t be as funny as it’s now


Be practical, he had a process of getting prototypes, you don’t start any project with the ready steady go attitude. A little planning is required.

As for public perception. The media tries to shape that, they have their narratives, so does he.


So, okay, that makes sense.

Wikipedia says that when DHS erected barriers as a consequence of the secure fence act of 2006, they had erected roughly 960km of barriers within 2 years 6 months of the signing of the bill.

So, we can expect to see roughly 1000km of new barriers within the next 6 months(which would be 2 years 6 months since the guy took office and the planning started)?


I doubt it, I expect any new land will come with the discovery of some endangered dung beetle or something. Existing crappy fences I suspect will be easier. Some of them are just a piece of barbed wire you can lift up and go underneath or step right over.

Anyway, his number 1 narrative seems to be pushing the idea Republicans and Democrats are not debating what is best for America, instead Democrats are pushing for interests other than America and he seems to be doing pretty well in baiting the Democrats to lurch in that direction. We will see.


I am sure the administration has already planned this and they know pretty well where to build, after all they have been planning and ordering prototypes for 2 years now.

The Donald is thinking 4 moves ahead, so this was planned for already early 2016 I’m sure.



I don’t buy into any of this 4d chess nonsense that places like the_donald run with, he seems more like a flies by the seat of his pants kind of guy. Which in some ways is harder for Washington to deal with since they are always so orchestrated, rehearsed, polished and predicable.


Sure, but nonetheless if they have been planning for 2 years it wouldn’t make sense if they haven’t taken in to consideration legal challenges concerning the environment.

If they could do it in 2006 in 2.5 years, with the Donalds construction industry experience one would have thought he can do it in half the time for half the price(I think I remember him saying that as well in an interview)


Honestly, I don’t know. There’s a lot of stuff I’m sure that goes on behind the scenes I’m sure. Can only comment on what I see.

Hey he got 1.3 billion or something for a measly 50 miles of new fence, that will keep him busy for a couple of months.


Yes, he was clearly wrong to give Congress a chance to do the right thing.

Unless he was trying not to look like a dictator or something.

I get the feeling here that a bunch of posters have finally gotten over November 2016 and are daring to express themselves again as if they had never been proven embarrassingly wrong. Let’s see how long this lasts.


CNN is drowning in apologies to its base right now. How could he, a gay black man, DO this to the Left, including presidential candidates??

If they air a healing drum circle I may go jump in the snow.


Trump should just keep the government closed until Congress learns it place.

If they don’t know the right thing to do, they need to be made to understand


I would have applauded a second shutdown. But he has to appear to be the reasonable one. The grownup in the room. The risk is he can look weak by doing so. But this emergency thing helps solve for that.

I think the fight over this emergency declaration will be amusing and revealing.


Why didn’t he try this shit in California, though? I mean it’s not that Chicago is exactly a Republican stronghold, but I have the feeling that if they tried to pull it off in California they may have been more successful.

You say that you were going to San Francisco to meet some friend, pass by Berkeley, and suddenly the far right nazi who were protesting against something assaulted you in the middle of the night! In front of a progressive university! They’re out of control!!1! #literallyshaking!! (and maybe hire a couple of people with IQ > room temperature, so they won’t buy rope and bleach minutes before the fake aggression).