The narratives about Trump thread.


You could even hire Professor Bike Lock. I’m sure he’d be happy to help out.




What happened to Aaron, though? 8(


Oscars was extremely political as usual.


I don’t know how people can even watch the Academy awards these days. I haven’t watched in many years. I don’t even pay attention anymore.

Shot in the dark, but did Black KKKlansman win Best Picture? I could imagine that win pushing Lee over the edge.

eta: I could also imagine it not winning pushing Lee over the edge…


I’ve never watched it. Never saw a point. It’s a made up thing for people in the industry. My sister is in Hollywood. Says it’s pretty political on who wins.

These people are just completely out of touch with everyone. No one cares about their political opinions. And didnt half these stars say they would leave the US if trump won?


news article from fox said Spike Lee wanted to leave building when Green Book won best pic.
His Do the Right Thing lost out to Driving Miss Daisy, and so he’s bitter he’s oh-for-2 against driving movies with black and white characters. lol


So much winning :sunglasses:


I don’t know how true it is that inmates love trump. I do know they hate rats.


Wonder what they will do with Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner…

Maybe Cohen should worry more about the Russian mob, I don’t know…

Not sure if this testimony has made any difference, Trump haters will say, “see, told you”, Trump followers will say, “Cohen is a liar, can’t be trusted”. Maybe it will have an influence on people with less of an interest in politics who have heard some of the stuff for the first time.


Jesus Shump is embarrassing. What a rube. They should put him in a muzzle or something so he can’t open his fat mouth


Of course Kim is responsible.

But what is trump supposed to do at this point? Blast Kim on stage and destroy any chance of future talks and report built? Otto Warmbier happened, he’s not the sword to fall on in the big picture. It reminds me of when CNN grilled Denis Rodman about Kenith Bae’s imprisonment while Rodman was in freaking North Korea with all eyes on him. What is Rodman supposed to say?

CNN “How can you say Kim is your friend!!”
Rodman “…(He’s watching me…stop trying to get me killed)”


The whole thing was a stupid idea from the beginning as I said, he’s being played.


I think most people with an IQ above 50 would be skeptical. But if there’s a small chance, you have to at least try right?


There’s no chance when you deal with gangsters. There’s only being played


Just about every administration before Trump was played, that’s true. To make the assumption therefore Trump is being played, is not a giant leap.

What are the Democrats doing scheduling Michael Cohen to testify the same day he was trying to knock a deal out. These sleazy slime ball tactics can’t sit well with Democrats and they appear to be doing them more and more. I used to think I knew this base, but recently I am not so sure.


Seems to me that these are the kinds of tactics that would turn swing voters away from the Democratic Party (more than anything a sleazebag like Cohen can say would turn swing voters away from the Republicans).


I can’t believe they’d invite Cohen. He’s already planning his book deals.
Most Americans are already pissed off about medical costs.


don’t remember any missiles having flown over Sea of Japan since first set of talks were held.
If you look at it from 65+ years of zero advancement vis-a-vis N. Korea, then Trump has been better than the rest