The narratives about Trump thread

Even North Korea has an opinion comparing trump to hitler calling americas first the nazism of the 21st century. Ouch… the worse Obama got was called a imperialist monkey.

Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, with confidence ratings of 27 percent and 28 percent respectively, scored higher than Trump. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with a confidence rating of 42 percent, scored highest.

Yeah, he’s almost as unpopular as he was going into the primary… and then the general election.

And there’s that whole Russia collusion thing. Yeah. About that…

Public opinion is fickle, and he plays the long game.

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I’ll never believe that a legit poll could show 40%+ approval for Angelo.

Back on topic though,…so…how’s the Russia thing going? Last time I’ve heard there were sources claiming things.

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They issued a retraction.

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They were gonna get sued. This seems like a trend. Sarah Palin is suing the NYT.

A coupla years ago, CNN was something you only watched in the airports. They escaped that hell by riding on Trump hatred. Now an exec has as much as admitted they did it all for ratings. Nothing personal, just business.

But lawsuits are bad for the bottom line. So they’ve got some business model issues. Maybe they should focus on monster truck rallies. Or pro wrestling. Nobody minds if that’s fake.

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No big deal, they just spent months spreading lies about the PotUS regarding a possible involvement of a major foreign military power in the democratic American process. And they just did it to get easy clicks and views from anti-Trump masses who’d believe any sort of nonsense just to feed their confirmation bias.

I mean, this kind of things happen all the time in press agencies, right?


This one’s worth a shot…

Just because it’s hypocritical doesn’t mean it’s untrue.

I despise most of the groups and individuals who hate trump. But at the same time I can’t pretend I like him.

You’re not supposed to like him. I mean, he’s kind of an asshole (like Obama, but different). How many people like their bosses? I rest my case. :sunglasses:

I find him immensely entertaining.

Don’t worry, having an opinion like your is absolutely reasonable. And this applies to both your statements.

The CNN got butthurt by Trump because he shared a meme he found on Reddit…this is the best timeline ever.

It keeps getting better. Trump is the new Caesar, and Shakespeare is the new… Sartre? Miranda? Fonda? :ponder:

First there’s a bit about Nadine Gordimer, then Wonder Woman, and then this:

The left and the right support this approach with equal enthusiasm. The fury over Shakespeare in the United States since the Donald Trump-like representation of Julius Caesar in New York is an exemplar. “Liberal hate kills,” shrieked protesters disrupting the play. In the past week, the anger at one company’s interpretation of the play has spread to the whole country, with repertory theatre companies in Massachusetts and Texas reporting angry protests and even threats from Trump supporters, just because they have performed any Shakespeare play. It has been suggested that the denunciations are the result of careless googling (“Shakespeare in the park” will return quite a few cities). But it is also possible that Shakespeare himself, since he has been seen to be a tool of liberal violence, has now been deemed ideologically opposed to conservative American values. It’s over for Shakespeare in the heartland: He’s liberal.

Of course, maybe this is just a biased fake news mainstream media establishment piece of mockery, or maybe not. I would really like to know what the resident Trumpistas think.

I wouldn’t consider myself a Trumpista, but I did vote for him. I think the principle at work here is obvious: to every overreaction there is an equal and opposite overreaction.

But in the cricles you move in – punk rock dairy farmers for Trump or whatever – is Shakespeare seen as a liberal? I thought it was more usual to spin him as an un-PC conservative, not fit for 20th/21st century enlightened education and so on… :idunno:

Given the Bard’s rich and complex body of work, he can probably be spun in support of any political cause or position imaginable. I’m sure even NAMBLA could find Shakespeare quotes that appear to support their credo.

Trump is the new Castro, Shakespeare is the new JK Rowling, Richard Madcow is the new Gandhi.

Fidel or Raul?

@Dr_Milker Don’t give them ideas. :doh: