The narratives about Trump thread.





As I was reading this, a tear fell from one of my eyes and before it hit the ground it turned into a bald eagle and flew away in the sunset. At 11.30am.

“He’s not a victim. I am the victim. I have been bullied, OK?”



If only there were other undisputed facts that a reasonable person could factor in to make a determination of what to make of Michael Cohens testimony.

Oh wait, there are dozens.




does Dr_Milker memory only last 20 days now?:wink:

You liked it then too :joy:


Having a short memory has its advantages. :grin:



Maybe it’s all an optical illusion caused by earth’s curvature combined with lens compression. The two people were probably hundreds of meters away from each other.
It’s too early to draw any conclusion.


Cmon, does anyone really still buy these dumbass twitter-wank memes? They turn out to be bullshit every time


Have to help me out here, which part is the bullshit?

That’s the CNN story on the CNN website. Plenty of footage of the “alleged” attack and they found the guy, know his name, he has been charged. I can provide links if you like.

Fact is MSM news is just as phony as wrestling, their model is even the same, good guys bad guys, push a narrative. Elicit people emotions and feelings rather than have people think for themseles. They are even so lazy and cheap to rather have a few bobble heads discussing their opinion rather than actually have reporters do the job.


Obviously it was a report made before they had the video, and video was added later. Other news outlets made the same report. Check the caption of the video


That video has been doing the rounds for about a week, the report is dated yesterday. I may be wrong, CNN is not know to leap into reporting on these kinds of stories until they get some pickup.

Before anyone does the what about Fox news, yes I know, they are completely biased too. I’ll stick with the comparison to wrestling, doesn’t matter you make them good or bad guys, so long as you elicit emotion, it’s good for business. True in the wrestling world, true in the news business.


It reads that way to me. They don’t say anything about a video, it’s reported as alleged. The video would make it obvious that it wasn’t alleged. Other outlets made the same report. It’s not normally my wont to defend CNN so I’ll leave it there :slight_smile:


Not true if you’re, say Jussie Smollett or some other “disadvantaged” intersectional minority whose victimhood as trumpeted by CNN would advance the narrative of the Democrat party.

Otherwise spot on, though. :wink:


As a parting gift, I will leave this after thought, it’s not a coincidence the MSM are at loggerheads competing for the narrative with someone from the WWE hall of fame.


They ( I would have to check in honesty ) had heard the Police report , which stated clearly most of the details.
If you are trying to defend CNN…tell me why Covington Boys incident etc…was not tagged with “alleged”? The initial headline was ,“Teens in MAGA hats taunted a Native American elder”.
Yes, yes . I appreciate the Media has bias on both sides , but CNN has become a joke.To suggest they did not know more , within a very short time, would be naive at best. All innaccurate reporting needs to be called out …yes on both sides. The issue seems a little weighted to me , as 80% of MSM appear to lean one way . Getting news these days , seems to be a case of looking at 4/5 outlets and waiting a day or so , until the reality becomes clearer.
As much as Fox leans to the right , I find it more watchable than CNN, which I used to watch daily . Anyone tuning in now is subject to 24/7 Trump bashing and not much else.
Maybe some enterprising person will launch a pure “NEWS” channel …that has no opinion pieces.
N.B @tempogain …I am just checking after everything that we still have some fight left in us :grinning:


I’m not. I stopped watching CNN long before anyone ever heard the phrase MSM. I just think the meme is bullshit, and have noticed that these kind of memes usually are.


This is my experience, too. Best to wait 48 hours at a minimum. Too many bad actors jockeying to influence the outcome, with too few facts to get it right otherwise.


I think they are quite powerful in pointing out the BS, without a long political fracas . :blush: