The narratives about Trump thread.


Rarely do I find corruption to be the real cause. Probably better to see who benefits from the arrest not just financially but politically.


Quite possibly, but Trumps tweeting about it, would lead me to suspect he knows more than he is letting on, perhaps it might even be linked to individuals in the US?


Could be. It all just makes me distrust the government more and more. Seems like democracy now is all just for show now. There’s just so much stuff and even the politicians are just puppets more then ever and slaves to a few people who really control everything.


Or we are about to see just how corrupt the Government has been for decades. All a matter of perspective. Not just the government, the media, the DOJ, FBI, CIA all of it.

One can always dream can;t they?

edit/ But yes, Democracy and freedom of choice was an illusion. I posted this before but it is worth reposting.


One of these days. A lot these agencies have a record of doing some messed up things. My best friend from from high school is now an intelligence officer in the US. The FBI actually had to interview and do a extensive background check on me because I’m a foreign national even though I’m a US citizen. It was the only way he could keep communication with me as he’s got a high level of access. They talked to my past teachers and neighbors. Some crazy stuff. Even asked me about my time as a conscript actually. And basically said I could be a contact for my friend if needed.


I am well aware, I travel to the states regularly one of the firms holed up next to me regularly are engineers from General Atomics, you need to get a security check and background check just to get a job as a receptionist.

You are also right, for higher level security they spend months and look into the background of everyone you know.

edit/ Which is why anyone even remotely connected to these industries knows how bone headed, how reckless, how irresponsible and self serving what Hillary Clinton did with her email server in the basement.

Ask your friend, if you are still in contact what his fate would have been if he had done 1/100th of what Clinton did with her email, I think you will find his response is he would be serving 10 to 20.


So how do you feel about trumps visit to Japan. Very Trump like saying and doing some trump things. I wonder what he’s going to do in Korea now.


The internet and social media have seriously undermined the foundations of the American Pipedream in recent years because they’ve democratized information. That won’t be for much longer though because now that it’s been discovered that social media is/are a commie plot there’s justification for putting all online speech and information under government control and thereby restoring the integrity of the pipedream.


Are you saying that the US government should start internet censorship?


I’m saying it will. As for me I long ago voted with me feet.


You bring up a good question that has been on my mind of late. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s we talked a lot about freedom of speech. organizations like the were set up. Good people, with good intentions, discussed without politics and with no left/right slant.

Now in Universities we see almost completely liberal institutions shut down alternative ideas from the right, resorting even to violence, and justifying it under the umbrella of “hate speech is not free speech”.

I’m with the guys who set up the internet, free speech has very few exceptions. What you see now is SJW and short sighted individuals that cant see how what they champion now can be just as effectively be used against them.


I mentioned it before, it’s mostly for show. When six party talks are announced, it means the outcome is already resolved. I hope that comes soon.


The free marketplace of ideas is great until you realize you’ve got an inferior product that no one wants to buy unless it’s their only choice.


I’m not sure I agree with you on this. Do you mean the the classes and professors are biased to one side when they teach? I was minoring in political science and I found that the professors were all pretty neutral. Some were even clearly more right as well left. But never so much that they pushed it down our throats. And I was in university pretty recently. But I do agree that they shouldn’t ban people like Ann coulter. But I’m perfectly fine with hate groups like KKK and neo nazis from speaking at universities. But truth be told, I feel like unis are pretty much money grabbing businesses that take advantage of students without much return. So they do have to protect their image.

But I agree. Everytime you ban a Ann coulter or milo. It gives their cause more attention and makes them seem like their gripe is right. It’s counter productive. I think both are vile people but that’s my opinion right or wrong.


I really don’t think the KKK and neo Nazis are doing the rounds at universities, main stream right wing politician are shut down because “hate speech isn’t free speech” and there is a bone to pick. Intersectionality and the conclusions drawn from identity politics.

I can relate to the diagnosis of identity politics, which is to say certain groups are disadvantaged, I absolutely reject the conclusions and recommendations moving forward. The problem is, since they discuss race, sexuality, ethnicity, you can’t refute these claims without being called a racist, sexist, homophobic this that and what ever. Only people like Milo, who belong to one of these oppressed classes can do it.

Which by the why is why they so despise him. Hypocrisy much?


You could certainly put it that way.

And Roman Polanski is very fond of children.

Anyway, the point is there are no saints. If you start bashing someone else’s heroes, then your own heroes are fair game. As Confucius say, he who live in glass house should take shower in basement.

Me, I’ve learned to live without heroes. Outgrew that with comic books. But I will cheer a good antihero, in case you haven’t noticed.


I used to refer to the RFCs for insights, before I realized they’d been so hopelessly subverted as to be almost irrelevant. They’re the Constitution of the Internet, in every way.

The people who designed the Internet were well-intentioned but naive.


You like the “hate speech is not free speech” narrative better?


There used to be a saying: the Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

That’s true up to a point. But in the long run, you can’t route around something that some powerful organization is doing on purpose. However, if you yourself are powerful…

The most interesting thing about Trump’s tweets is that they manage to exist. Technically, it would be the easiest thing in the world to shut them down. But recently some guy tried it and… non-technical factors intervened.

Forget Push technology. The aristocracy of pull rules the Internet. Those of us who know the technical workings have some power, but without political savvy even hackers can be routed around.

I don’t read tech books anymore. They don’t tell you how things actually work. The real power lies in what the books omit.


I agree that there are no saints. But I’m questioning why bring this up about MLK? Is it to try to undermine the good he did? And again, another point is that i question the accuracy and even the credibility for the FBI about MLB during that time period. They purposely had it out for civil rights leaders in many organizations. Even proven to kill people like Fred Hampton. Went after music groups like NWA, used their resources to try to stop feminist groups, black panthers, anti Vietnam groups and etc.