The narratives about Trump thread.


Befuddling to whom?

What you’re experiencing is called cognitive dissonance. It’s a sign that your worldview is out of sync with how the world actually works.

When you start seeing false consciousness everywhere, you’ve got cognitive dissonance, and you’ve got it bad. Stockholm syndrome exists, but people like Milo aren’t the type that are prone to it.


Do you only go to one airport? I have seen CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ESPN, the Weather Channel, whatever local broadcast is on. If the Chiefs or Royals were on TV, the TVs in KCI would be on the game. Broncos, Rocks, Nuggets, Avs in DIA. Some airports do not have TVs. Schiphol does not. Neither does Sarajevo Butmir. Neither Nikola Tesla, Sheremetyevo, or Zvartnots have TVs. Wait. Sheremetyevo does have TVs, but the channel is not CNN or any mentioned above. Some Russian music station and some pro-Kremlin nonsense.


Silly me. I took the tinfoil hat off.

Are you certain it is indeed mine that is skewed, and not yours? Where you seem to only see the surface in an act/react way. I tend to see the whole picture. You see “death to America” where as I am able to see beyond that.

I met people like you before. The Anarchist Cookbook readers. The preppers. Back in the whole Y2K fiasco. They were hording food and doing all the preppery stuff. I told them they were wasting their time. I tried to help them. They called me stupid and naive. I was nice. I did not gloat or dance and say I told ya so. Too much.


Why do people on the right love parading around individuals who do not fit the stereotype? Exactly who is being stereotypical? Everyone knows that there are many on all sides from all strides. Sure she has caught hell. I have caught hell. I have been called a race-traitor.

Newsflash, you are aware that there are Serbs who support the prosecution of Serbian war criminals? There are Muslim Imams who have issued Fatwas and called for Jihad against ISIS and al Qaeda et al? There are Jews in Israel who are against expansion of Israeli territory? Condi Rice anyone? If McCain chose her, or if she was the GOP candidate in 2008, I would have voted for her.

Newsflash, anyone can be blinded by the right! Who was the Latina anchor on Fox? The one who said women who claim sexual harassment should be happy any man is hitting on them, who turned around and claimed sexual harassment on her bosses at Fox? What was her name?


If that’s a fallacy, what do you call changing “Soviet plot (or ‘Soviet-style’ plot)” to “Soviet plot”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your clarification that FSM was merely “Soviet-style” but not a plot is noted. Yet I’m still waiting for you to get to the point, i.e. explain this “Soviet-style” something, O Honorable Counsel for the Prosecution. :bowing:


That’s basically the argument against Donnie regarding the KKK et al. The difference is that everyone knew about the KKK.

Antifa was an obscure fringe group most people (who don’t frequent the websites you do) had never heard of. Were you even talking that much about Antifa before Charlottesville?

How many other obscure groups are waiting in the wings to become The Next Big Thing That People On This Or That Side Failed To Condemn Which Proves How Conspiratorial They Are?

Once again:

Formatting the article content into a more readable list, on one side:

  • the clubs of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer,[22]
  • The Right Stuff,[23]
  • the National Policy Institute,[24] and
  • four groups that form the Nationalist Front:[21]
  • the neo-Confederate League of the South,[21]
  • the Traditionalist Workers Party,[25]
  • Vanguard America,[25] and
  • the National Socialist Movement.[21]
  • the Ku Klux Klan,[7]
  • the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights,[25]
  • Identity Evropa,[26]
  • the Rise Above Movement,[27][28]
  • the American Guard,[29]
  • the Detroit Right Wings,[30]
  • True Cascadia,[31] and
  • Anti-Communist Action.[29]
  • National Policy Institute Chairman Richard Spencer,[32]
  • entertainer Baked Alaska,[32]
  • former Libertarian Party candidate Augustus Invictus,[33]
  • former Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke,[34]
  • Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo,[35]
  • Traditionalist Youth Network CEO Matthew Heimbach,[32]
  • Right Stuff founder Mike Enoch,[32]
  • League of the South founder Michael Hill,[4]
  • Red Ice host Henrik Palmgren,[36]
  • Right Side Broadcasting Network host Nicholas Fuentes,[37]
  • YouTube personality James Allsup,[37]
  • editor Daniel Friberg,[38]
  • former Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson,[39]
  • Right Stuff blogger Johnny Monoxide,[40]
  • Daily Stormer writer Robert “Azzmador” Ray,[41]
  • Daily Caller contributor and rally organizer Jason Kessler,[42]
  • Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell.[43][44]
  • the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia,[48]
  • the New York Light Foot Militia,[49]
  • the Virginia Minutemen Militia,[50]
  • the Oath Keepers and
  • the 3 Percenters.[51]

And on the other side:

  • the National Council of Churches,[54]
  • Black Lives Matter,[55]
  • Anti-Racist Action,[56]
  • the Democratic Socialists of America,[57]
  • the Workers World Party,[58]
  • the Revolutionary Communist Party,[59]
  • Refuse Fascism,[60]
  • Redneck Revolt,[61]
  • the Industrial Workers of the World,[62][63]
  • the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council,[64]
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice.[56][65][66]
  • Members of the Antifa movement were also in attendance.[6]

That’s a lot of groups/people to sort out, on both sides.


Berkeley regularly pats itself on the back for being the epicenter of free speech in America but JB_IN_TW himself put paid to that myth::


That doesn’t answer the question.

FSM was half a century ago, so if your point is that there’s a “Soviet-style” something going on today, you’ll still need to explain how the original FSM is responsible for that.


I doubt that. More likely the legal limits of “basically free” haven’t yet been tested because companies haven’t been rash enough so far to fully assert the principle of “basically free.”. Does Hobby Lobby, for example, have the right to fire any employee who supports legalized abortion outside of work? Does Facebook have the right to deny an account to anyone who won’t sign an oath pledging to only vote Democratic? Can a company fire any employee who is Christian?


@JB_IN_TW, Politbureau seems to think you were accusing UBC of Soviet-style something-or-other. If he can’t find the words himself, perhaps you can help?


Maybe this will help clarify? The only mention of Soviet is referring to Sputnik. (USSR 1, USA 0)

All I have said, numerous times, is that Milo et al, were prodding a hornets nest. They knew what response to expect. I kinda believe the entire ordeal was planned by elements on the right.

The right has no room to bitch about protests from the left.

I could go on, but I would only be repeating myself.


The answer to that is…it kind of depends. Was in overt act by the company to repress speech? If so, can you prove it?

With this in mind, I stand behind my belief that this whole FoS nonsense today is just a false-flag to rally the base. Same as guns in the 80s, religion in the 90s, and today it is free speech. The right has, quite successfully, created a crisis where their really isn’t one.


I used to work at Lawrence Berkeley Lab and owe my insights about the Berkeley campus atmosphere to an engineer who had emigrated from the Soviet Union. He used to say that the mindset there very much reminded him of the Soviet Union which officially declared that any citizen had the right to free speech but would in practice be “super responsive” to anyone who actually tried to exercise it.


Okay, so this whole Soviet-style something has absolutely nothing to do with your wiki article about a movement in the 60’s but everything to do with the opinion of some guy you used to know at some unspecified time. Glad we sorted that out! :slight_smile: :rainbow:


Refer back to what I said. He knew what he was getting into. Milo’s ideals do not meld with those of the students and faculty at Berkeley. They were not denying him the right to stand on a soap box to say whatever he wants to say, they were denying him the soap box. Not the same thing.

If I own a billboard company, I can pick and choose who I will allow to advertise and what I will allow to be advertised. I am under no obligation to give anyone a platform. You can still say whatever it is you want, just not on my billboards. So if I am the only gig in town, then…

[except political ads. the rules regarding those are murky]


You mean denying him this soapbox, the Sproul Hall steps, now known as the Mario Savio Steps?


OK. What is your point? Was/Is Milo a student at UC Berkeley? The whole ordeal was about students rights on the campus. How is this supposed to extend to Milo?

And if we want quotes, why not throw in the Reagan quote?

“Will we allow a great University to be brought to its knees by a noisy, dissident minority? Will we meet their neurotic vulgarities with vacillation and weakness? Or will we tell those entrusted with administering the University we expect them to enforce a code based on decency, common sense, and dedication to the high and noble purpose of the University?” Governor Reagan.

FYI, Reagan was not a big Civil Rights supporter.

(EDIT: Link to back that Reagan bit up)


UC Berkeley students invited Milo to speak on campus.

My point? It’s that it’s the ideals of “the students and faculty at Berkeley” which don’t meld with the espoused ideals of UC Berkeley, not the ideals of those students who invited right-wing speakers to campus to express their viewpoints.


What I think is strange is you are equating one with the other. Savio v Milo. This is a different time. Savio embraced the civil rights movement (that is what all the FSM was about) Milo speaks out against it. I can I put this in something that spans the two eras? Ah. Savio was Steven Biko, Milo et al are PW Botha. Milo does not really shy away from violence and he knows he will get a response. No, he works to get a response. He incites. He calls out his charges and makes every attack personal But I still fail to see how the university or protesters denied him his FoS. He could have went elsewhere in town. Not doing so takes me back to my point, they (BCR) knew what they were getting when they invited him.

All is not lost. He has been invited back. Along with Ann “Kill all their leaders, destroy all their Mosques, and force convert them to Christianity.” and “My only regret is the 9/11 hijackers did not fly their planes into the NY Times building.” Coulter, and Steve “I may have said I am a Leninist” Bannon are all coming. BCR has to flip the bill for security, though. Get your tickets now!


Let your anti-Antifa rage out here…