The narratives about Trump thread.


The simplest way to ensure fairness and avoid argument about what’s fair is to stop public funding to all colleges of whatever sort, by whatever means - including scholarships. Because the very idea of college may be going obsolete.

Give absolutism a chance.

But if that won’t fly, then: STEM only. No taxpayer money for any major that ends in “Studies.” Because those majors are always bullshit. But job training is hard to argue with.

Oh, the humanities! Don’t worry. There’s still Project Gutenberg. Actually, the Web is arguably much better for this sort of thing.


You should get around more. Some of them have the Cartoon Network. :slight_smile:


Why not? They are private, right?

Tell you what, go inside the US Capitol building and start spewing profanities and all about how all members of whatever ethnic groups should be eliminated. Start waving a gun, make it more exciting! Good luck with that 1st and 2nd amendment stuff there! Then, take your rage to a public elementary school. Double down and go in naked! Hey, you’re a taxpayer! All the 1st and 2nd amendment, all the time, yes!

Liberty University and Bob Jones, although private, do get tax relief. So, if they bar Satanists and Atheists from speaking there, can we remove their tax exemption?

You have never been to KCI or DIA. I am think LAX or SFO is not on your list. JFK? ORD? None of them have had CNN on exclusively. The only airport I think they would be on exclusively would be ATL.


I have seen QVC on at LAX.


We know why Antifa want to wear masks, its so they can assault people and not be identified.

By nazi you mean cop? didn’t you two post prior call people on Forumosa as nazi’s? I think perhaps you mean anyone who has a different opinion to you is a nazi and then what, up for beatings and everything you can throw at them?


Fine. I fixed it.


I wasn’t complaining, I was asking a genuine question.

You were asking if Milo would have had a problem on here and I stated personal insults against him would have been a problem for me, because on Forumosa, we expect courtesy to each member directly. I also noted nothing he has said publicly would be reason for censorship, there perhaps was something here to discuss, but it seems you missed it.


Why stop at barring masks? Why not make protestors wear pink, or white? Why not prohibit them from making mean signs that might upset Mr Spencer?

Nice try. Just making a point the right does not hold a monopoly on make sweeping attacks and generalizations. I doubt that if Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Barack Obama, Keith Olbermann, anyone from the Young Turks were denied or had their event cancelled from say Utah State, Arkansas, or Mississippi (traditionally right-wing public colleges) any one of you lot would be going to bat for them. In fact the rightwing media would probably simply play as not a 1st amendment issue, but as an audience issue. The left does not have a Milo or Coulter or Bannon. Too much respect for others, I guess.


Really? Did you really say nothing he has said in public would warrant censorship or suspension on this site? Not all the times he has attacked -by name- anyone who disagrees with him? All his Twitter rampages, that eventually got his account terminated. He was fired from Breitbart over his views on pedophilia. How bad do you have to be to be fired from Breitbart!? A publication whose founder called the Wall Street occupiers “filthy, raping, murdering freaks

Maybe I take back my edit and change it from nazi ideology, to Milo’s ideology.


Incidentally, there’s a new law in Quebec banning face coverings for the sake of state religious neutrality. It’s widely perceived as an anti-niqab law, but it also affects protesters who, in most cases, have no religious agenda, and I reckon most of them would not be Antifa members either.


With all the pain Alec Baldwin causes the Donald, he’s still not good (or bad) enough? :grin:


Or maybe they spent time in Taiwan and want to appear to be breathing clean air. Hey, we don’t know. So, now they are forced to breathe all those poutine fumes?

So they want to take away another groups freedom (speaking to the anti-antifa crowd now) in the name of security? Who is trying to have the upperhand here? Who is trying to stand on higher moral ground?


The trouble with speech rules and conduct rules is the trouble with most rules: they’re open to various interpretations.

As far as speech rules, the most open and lenient interpretation is usually the best one. The sort who can’t handle it generally have nothing much to contribute to a discussion anyway.


Everyone is. That’s the whole problem. It’s why absolutely no one can be trusted to decide what speech is acceptable.


Nor apparently do the people who demand it.

You still have not answered why anyone should be required to give anyone a platform. Why is it someone else’s responsibility to give you a platform from which to speak whatever it is you want to say?


Why are you linking me to Breitbart in response to why Milo would be censored here? Cant you show me something Milo said? I mean not something someone said about him, or someone related to him.

Do you have a link, either piss or get off the pot. Give me your best one, who wants a “how about this one, how about this one” boring!


So, discussion sites should not have moderators, eh? :ponder:


Damn. You would have me prove Barack Obama was black.

OK…The Breitbart screaming link was just to cover my base when I made my comment about Andrew Breitbart. I was looking ahead, knowing you would tell me to prove it. As a person of intellect, I was assuming you would have seen that.

I gave two links earlier in a reply tp politburo covering Milo and his MO. What more do want? Him calling refugees “rapefugees”? Do you want me to supply a VDO of Milo screaming “Kill All the Jews!”? I never accused him of saying such. All I did was say I believe he has, in the past, voiced his support for the Golden Dawn. Maybe what I have provided does not meet your standards. But, this is not a court of law. Also, I am guessing you know how to use the Google, too.

I also never said he should be censored or denied his FoS. My argument it, he has no right to a platform. Neither do I. Or you for that matter. Also, the school did not drop his engagement due to FoS. They dropped it for security reasons. Oh, he has been invited back, but the BRC has to supply its own security, or reimburse the school for the additional security.

There was a person at my university who would constantly whine about the liberal bent of most of the professors. I asked him why he didn’t go to the one of the numerous conservative private or public colleges. He said it was too inconvenient. A little closer to home. If someone does not like Chinese culture, history, food, language, or even people then TW might be a bad choice to live in, no?


yeah, a lot of hot air. No reason for Milo to be censored here then?

oh, yes, by the way you are super clever, if you can be super clever in slightly less words I will be even more impressed.


+1 :+1: