The narratives about Trump thread.


Nah, It is not hot air. I am just big boned.

Should Milo have an absolute right to speak whatever on this Forum and should the guidlines be tossed out? Well, Mr Rowland has seemed to address this in a certain way that, begrudgeoningly I will admit makes some sense. But, in a perverse kind of way. But first…

Guidelines be damned, Milo would have the right to spiel his spiel, according to rowland, if this site or the host received tax breaks from the US government. However…all for naught if the servers are not located within the US or certain territories there of. This is a sticky caveat that gets brought up in the argument for taxation and e-commerce. I guess the TPP could be brought into play, since TW is supportive of it, but the US is not. So, there goes that. It is a stretch, but I feel confident this would stand up in court.


I’m also interested in a juicy, shocking quote or two showing what a horrible person Milo is, after all this huffing and puffing. (I would suggest Wikiland, but I know that wouldn’t meet your approval…)




What are you talking about? Forumosa has a low tolerance for members calling each others names. In the MSM Milo is openly called all sorts of things that wouldn’t be tolerated here at all.

His general message which is aimed at groups like feminists, or talking about Islam, this is a grey area and where I would have thought if you were being intellectual would have gone.


There’s a long-running discussion in U.S. courts on the latitude of the First Amendment in public and private forums:

Unlike public universities, which are of course government actors, private universities are not legally obligated to uphold the First Amendment rights of students on campus. In fact, private universities have a First Amendment freedom of assembly right to determine for themselves the terms of matriculation, within certain legal limits. However, many-in fact, most-private colleges and universities advertise themselves as bastions of free and liberal learning, where all viewpoints can be expressed, discussed, and debated. Most private universities promise their students extensive speech rights in school materials such as student handbooks, recruiting brochures, and codes of conduct.

When a school, public or private, makes a promise to a student-whether in a student handbook or a brochure or a speech from the president-that school is morally and legally bound to honor that promise. Courts have held in several cases that private institutions must live up to these types of promises, based on a “contract theory.”

I’m with the U.S. Supreme Court First Amendment rulings all the way, including holding Liberty University to any free speech rights it promises its students.


You must not have read rowland’s new thread to get what i was saying. I’ll let it slide.

and low tolerance does not extend to simply calling others names. Gotta be kind of careful with the sarcasm, too. Also, I do not think the term he uses to describe himself would be allowed.

Did you not read that link I offered? He tends to single people out by name if it helps him further his cause.

Here is another one to help you see the light.

Oddly, that is at the CU Boulder campus. That he is speaking there is rather ironic, given the universities previous run-in with a controversial noise maker.


This newer generation is going to butt heads with the older generation, the older generation has a good team set up.


Good team. Think I’ll make a donation.


Tl/dr. :sob:

Can you give us just the meat, no bread?


Shh, don’t tell Comrade @Winston_Smith you support the “Supreme Politburo”! :zipper_mouth_face:


Previous attempts at summarization have been met with charges of needing to provide backup.
Hence the longer posting.

Also, I am vegatarian. No meat, choose another filler.


Okay, make it a durian, natto & ashwagandha sandwich, minus the bread. Or any ingredients you like, as long as they’re offensive enough to be worth banning and come in the form of direct quotations. (No offense to people who like durian and stuff btw.)


You really sung for the fences here, haven’t you. Would you like some toe-jam with that, too?

I have provided enough information on him and his view points, doing so further would only be repeating myself.

That said. IJFO he is not actually Greek. He is only half-greek. The other half Irish (I wonder how he feels about the IRA) and considered Jewish due to his mother (Jewish law dictates that the mother’s faith determines the religion) yet is actually Catholic. And, this is interesting, in his own words, witnessed the abuse of young boys and did not report it. Under California law, he could be charged with the same crime.

Before I am asked, here it is…


Dude, where’s my sandwich? I even looked up the spelling of ashwagandha for that! :rant:

Seriously, we have rules about what’s acceptable and what isn’t, and I can imagine Milo not lasting very long in my forum, but I wouldn’t ban anyone instantly just for having a bad reputation. (I don’t receive any taxpayer funding btw.)


Hey, I had to look it up, too. I still have no idea what it is. Some Canadian thing or something.

So, outting a transgender student is not enough? You want more? Are you a sadist? Do you have any idea how painful that sh*t is to watch and read?

Tell you what, get him/it on here and I will guarantee you I can get him to fall afoul of the rules without doing so myself. It would be easy. He seems to pride himself on that.


I didn’t say that’s not enough. I’m asking for direct quotations. (Not watching videos right now, data limits…)


Unlimited plans are not that pricey. That or hijack a wifi.


Read this when you have wifi. Sums up my argument pretty well.

Free speech and taxpayer funded censorship.

That’s a whole lot of bread, with one paragraph of filling:

Self-proclaimed super-villain Yiannopoulos has made a living from saying and doing hateful things, and has successfully embroiled himself in numerous headline-grabbing controversies. Whether it’s saying that “gay rights have made us dumber”, calling transgender people “mentally ill”, calling rape culture “a fantasy”, or being banned by Twitter for allegedly encouraging trolls to attack Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones with a tirade of racist and sexist abuse, you can usually find him saying something pathologically awful.

That does sound ban-worthy, but damn it, I ordered a super-gross sandwich, and now I bite into it and find a piece of paper inside saying we took out the filling because it was too gross! :wall:

The value of a supposedly direct quotation is questionable when there’s no citation and no context. The only link is to an article about racist tweets against Leslie Jones (love her btw), but that article doesn’t mention Milo at all. So while there is a prima facie case against Milo, I’m still waiting for the juicy durian.


Oh, FFS!

You want a direct quote, but to qualify it you are going to get an article which you say is too long.

I give you VDO, you say it is too data heavy (seriously, get an unlimited plan. CHT has a good deal on them. Unless you are not lucky enough to be in La Isla Formosa. In which case, Osiris-speed)

You are tying my hands and feet, gagging and blindfolding me and asking me to dismantle a nuclear bomb or we are all going to die. To which I say, we are all going to die.