The narratives about Trump thread

He’s the preferred choice of the Republican electorate, without question. Unless the Democrats have hypnotized them or something in order to effect this possible narrative, I don’t see how it makes sense.

They’ll have to take that up with Republican primary voters.

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Oh, it wasn’t a serious question. Such a conspiracy would be ridiculous. But if the gutting of the RNC is followd up by the funneling of funds directly to Trump, as has been suggested bybgis daughter in law whonis now in charge, I don’t see how that helps the GOP win nationally and down the ballot

Right, despite what @Mick says about the establishment stopping him, I’m not sure how that happens, because it looks like he will be the republican nominee.

It indeed does. But there could still be ways of stopping him. I don’t think so, I expect he’s going to win, but I won’t be so surprised if @Mick is right.

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You think he’ll win the presidency?

I’m still 50/50 on that

If it was held today, he would.

Democrats are already stating their electors should refuse to confirm states Trump wins as he is not fit for office.

Actually, talk is that if Dems control both Senate and House that they won’t certify the election if indeed Trump wins.
But, plenty of things can happen before that situation has even the possibility of occurring.

The narrative that Trump is reshaping the GOP in his image contiues to get support


Im more inclined to think his leaving has more to do with the post above yours rather than some act of nobility.

What, that plenty of things can happen?

I suspect he’s quitting out of frustration and disgust, based on my reading of the article.

Yeah well, plenty of people have been watching the slim majority dwindle and are of the opinion the goal and motivation is to flip the house to the Democrats.

It’s utterly insane that a country with so much wealth and knowledge had this guy in charge.

This classic video is from four years ago. Sarah Cooper is friggen’ awesome.


You don’t like democracy?

I’d say I’m more of a popular vote kind of guy than an electoral college kind of guy.

And, as you know, I am not American. :person_shrugging:


Rules–democratically decided rules to be clear–are rules. It’s a fair process.

So how do you look at that Sarah Cooper interpretive breakdown (in the video) and view that moment?


Old news, been well over it. I’m just pointing out that he was in charge because he’s been winning elections.


It completely twists the research that Trump was talking about…the experimental use of UV light inside the body to kill viruses and other microbes. That technique wasn’t ultimately used as a Covid treatment, but why the need to mock science, and do so in such a disingenuous way?

Wait plural?

If that’s what you think, then . . . wow.


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Lol. I count 1 general and 2 primaries that were considerably more open, transparent, and democratic than what the Dems ran.