The narratives about Trump thread

we can’t really say the electrical college is democratically decided rules, can we?

Which primary are you excluding, and which are you including of Trump’s 3? And which democratic one(s) are you comparing to?

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It’s in the Constitution, are you saying it wasn’t democratically enacted?

I should have said 3, my slip. The 3 over the same period.

I guess we won’t discuss Trump trying to rig 2020.

Georgia? Fake news perhaps?

Meanwhile, US adversaries are chomping at the bit trying to help him get re-elected. Golly I wonder why…

Going to pour one out later for those poor souls who lost $$ investing in Truth social. Bless their hearts, how could they have known it wasn’t going to work out.

Here is hoping their Trump Bibles ($60 USD) and Trump sneakers will turn out to be better investments. Perhaps the Trump NFT’s might get a second wind if he doesn’t get the election stolen from him again? :sun_with_face:

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Not particularly democratic no. 55 delegates appointed by state legislators composed exclusively of select rich and / or influential white men selected primarily by landed white men?

Then definitely a big nope. Recall the 2020 Republican primaries - recall that several states didn’t even bother to hold primary elections, and several goosed the rules to make Trump look better despite him being assured of being the nominee.


By the standards of the time, it was about the best around. And they included pathways to amend the Constitution, which could be done at any time.

You’re totally wrong. I didn’t say perfect, I said “considerably more open, transparent, and democratic than what the Dems ran” which is true.


Caveat emptor, and all that jazz. What a scam artist.



Nailed it.

Too bad the corn-fed and theocratic nutjobs that comprise most of his tent are already chalking up the Truth Social blowout to DEEP STATE sabotage!

Thankfully, I retain confidence that most U.S voters see through the sham that is the Trump circus. Some of them, in Trump country, are undoubtedly just playing along though, as his followers are becoming increasingly passionate about their demagogue, and are quick to deride those not for their king as RINOS, libtards, etc.

As an American, myself and many others feel pretty embarrassed this guy has gotten as big as he has gotten in the U.S, as his rise/continued relevance certainly makes for negative implications regarding the state of the country.

“raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”

Sounds like bankruptcy unless the service can quickly add users.


Yea, it was better than a shit sandwich, but still not that democratic.

Perhaps tell me in what ways - I gave examples of ways it failed more in openness, transparency, and democracy than the democratic primaries this year; how do you counter that other than an assertion?

Fool you once…

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It was far better than that for the time, and it can be changed. It’s a reasonable system anyway. Did you ever think how undemocratic the massively powerful Senate is? No one questions that nearly as much.

In 2016 the efforts to suppress Bernie’s campaign are well known. In 2020 centrist candidates dropped out to prop up Biden, while Warren stayed in. This year any possible challengers have been locked out of the process as much as possible, there have been many complaints about it. The Republican primaries have been far more open, transparent, and democratic by comparison in recent years. 2016 is the most glaring example with Bernie being shunted aside while a total outsider was able to win the Republican primary just by getting the votes.

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How is Trump University doing nowadays?

Oh, right. :doh:


theoretically. practically, no fucking chance.

uh, yeah? Not exactly an original idea there. :wink:

Oh, fuck. Yea, democrats didn’t particularly want a non-democrat as their nominee. Why is that even controversial or surprising? Couple that with him not actually winning more votes, and double fuck.

Ok, and?

This year, the Republican primaries have been more open than the democratic primary, where there is a democratic incumbent. This year’s democratic primary is more open than the last Republican primary with a Republican incumbent though.

Nope; see the specific points regarding 2020.

Right… Bernie didn’t get the votes. If he had just got the votes he would’ve been the nominee (most likely. who knows what would’ve actually happened.).

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But Bernie not winning more votes could’ve been more transparent. :laughing: