The narratives about Trump thread

Trump didn’t occur in a vacuum, we could branch back on reasons why he went down that escalator, or why his message resonated so strongly with enough voters to win in 2016

Excesses of the left (which I acknowledge) predate that descension

Sure but lest we get lost in endless runaround, I thought we were limiting the discussion to Trump. :idunno:

Do you have info about these “calls”? Was it a majority or significant number of Democratic senators and representatives? Members of the previous administration? Or was some random op ed pieces? Maybe some activist groups?


Fine, have your endless discourse. I’m out.

Try US senators and congresspersons. I’m not doing your homework for you.

Apologies. You made the statement about the “calls” so authoritatively, I thought you had the facts at your fingertips. My bad.

They’re in my memory . I’ve paid attention the whole time. If you haven’t , then you should brush up.


You posted gibberish and the only example you gave was that of a justice who died years ago.

I tried to keep it simple (and polite) because your questions showed a lack of basic understanding about the workings of the SC and the complexities of legal interpretation. Examples can still be instructive no matter how old they are.

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that it appears to be based on nothing? yea.

Do you think this article in the New York Times claiming the highest court in the land is “corrupt, rotten and hurting America” is undermining America’s legal system?

Why the fixation on one NYT opinion piece?

Multiple times more toxic is the endless media drumbeat on how the justice system is corrupt from Republican governors, senators, legislators, the current presidential candidate and other elected officials.

Whatever you think about former President Trump - and I don’t think much of him since his leadership has resulted in a shit pile of low-hanging political fruit harvested instead by the likes of Joe Biden - it’s very good news indeed that American big biz seems to be peeling away enough to consider a second term.

I think Trump has already wrapped up the small-biz vote, so despite Trump’s innumerable personal faults I like this math very much.

When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, business leaders flocked to meet with him, hoping to tone down his trade policies and populist rhetoric while encouraging his business-friendly tax and deregulation agenda.

They are flocking to meet him again. Since Trump vanquished his last major GOP primary foe, more big names from the world of finance have lined up behind him. This week, a range of chief executives listened carefully as he promised more tax cuts and hedged some of his harshest promises on immigration.

The executives say their willingness to listen to Trump stems from frustration with President Biden, a growing realization that Trump could win and a desire to shape the Republican’s agenda before the election—rather than scrambling to do so after. Many who distanced themselves from Trump following the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol by the former president’s supporters have softened their criticisms.

Uh huh


The democrat response was worth it.

Trump rally of 8,000 at black church in Detroit!
Except the crowd was a couple of hundred, half of them were white MAGAs, and reporters could only one black respondent from Detroit, and no congregants of that church.

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Democrat lawfare pays a real dividend, at last.

And there is more good news: President Biden’s campaign is spending like a drunken sailor, while former President Trump’s campaign is hoarding cash. That’s good news because typically voter tune-out during the summer months is real. Biden, forced to squander cash while voters tune out the election, presents a good and improving campaign foe for Trump.

Trump’s campaign had $116.6 million in the bank at the end of May, compared to $91.6 million for Biden.

It wasn’t due to poor fundraising on the incumbent’s part — Biden’s campaign saw a decent fundraising rebound in May after a weak showing the month prior. But Trump’s fundraising while he was on trial in New York that month, punctuated in the final days when he was convicted, was enough to surpass Biden in campaign cash, something that had long been seen as a crucial strength of his.

> In total, Trump’s campaign and the RNC reported just over $170 million cash on hand combined at the end of May, overtaking Biden and the Democratic National Committee, which reported just shy of $157 million.

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That’s less than a 10% difference

The amount of money that goes to political campaigns is kind of gross.