The narratives about Trump thread.


I can’t explain it to you if you don’t want to understand, but in the end the true GE shall rule the universe. :rainbow:


Holy cow, I had never heard of “Napoleon Hill” before so I decided to look him up because I was wondering:“WHO THE HELL WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD NAPOLEON”. The story of that guy is amazing xD


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Funny you should mention the Sieg Heil, otherwise known as the Bellamy salute.



That’s basically the Roman salute, with the hand just slightly tilted sideways -_-


So a couple of points.

  1. What do you think is so great about globalization?

  2. Feminism, we might need to do a semantic check, because Feminism to me was equality, but todays Feminism is something different, filled with all kinds of micro aggressions.

We can agree with diagnosis, for example men are more likely to work in Engineering jobs, in my class of roughly 100, there was 1 woman and depending on the year max 3 women. Then when people at google try to address the problem of not having a balanced men and women ratio they prescribe a dose of classes for the men to teach them about non discriminatory behavior to women.

One can disagree with the hypothesis and with good grounds, yet in the real world, when someone proposes a different approach, they are fired. Silenced. Yet again.

Now think what a company like google can do to influence your searches your way of thinking, to be the same as it’s way of thinking.


You do not like my long-winded responses, and you ask me these questions? I will try to make a diet-sized answer.

Globalization, in my view, improves the quality of life for everyone involved by creating a certain amount of competition and incentive. This leads to economic growth, and the intermingling of cultures leads to more modernizations and liberalizations in otherwise hyper-autocratic societies. Look at Saudi, for example. China. Taiwan. Vietnam are examples of globalization. That is not to say it should not go unchecked and indeed regulated to a degree. This calls in a benefit that is not new, a living wage. When certain conditions are met, all citizens of a nation would receive $X each month. I have no problem with a little democratic socialism. It will work as long as the economics and benefits are constantly monitored and adjustments made when and where necessary.

Feminism. I am not one of these hyper folks who think that all sex is rape and all men should be castrated. But I do feel women to get over sexualized in all parts of our society. I keep hearing it is a man’s world and women should shut up. No. (i am trying to keep it short, ok)

I am a EU-phile, as well. I think Brexit was a mistake. At the same time, I do not feel it necessary for the EU to have to negotiate with the UK on their exit. If they want out, just leave. Kick out all the EU citizens in the country, and the EU will do the same. The EU as an economic bloc is the most powerful economic force to deal with at this time. A united Europe can withstand many economic and political forces. They will be in a better position to negotiate trade deals with other nations or blocs. They will be better able to absorb any slashes to costs or taxes than any single nation would. I am afraid that Mr Farage and Brother Theodore have led the UK astray. I do not think it is gloom and doom, but when MPs start talking about having to grow own food, things are not looking rosy. I think RH “The EU can bugger off!”* Rees-Moggs stiff upper lip is starting to quiver a bit. *he never actually said that, but his attitude towards the hard brexit leans towards that.

AS per Google. Well, he is right. They are a private company and if they have become more powerful than a government, then isn’t that the goal? I dunno. I remember a lot of what he said being tossed around years ago as arguments against diversity programs. The problem I have, is what he says about women, or his researched findings, is that nature or nurture? Are women biologically programmed that way, or has it been fed to them their entire lives? Same with men and the higher drive. I think that would fall more into the nurture side. I remember while growing up it was all about “Boys make machines, girls make cakes.” How many career books, or whatever from your youth do you remember showing women doing powerful stuff? In a male dominated society, women still take a back seat. While he may have been right on his info, was the info originally gathered correctly? I get that women take time off to have babies and what not, but it is kind of sad they have to choose a career or family. I dunno. Sociology is not my thing.

I found two articles to counter what he said. One by a former Google engineer, and another lifted from Business Insider (which kinda backs up what I said).

I do not necessarily think he should have been fired, per se, but he should have approached the issue differently in a more “open to discussion” sort of way and filtered his ideas in slower.

What he said about YouTube is true, but more to it than that. They censor a lot of things from the left and right, not just Praeger (before I clicked on the VDO I thought “This must be from Praeger!” I was right! The preview graphics gave it away.) They have an automated algorithm that is used to detect certain things to be monetized or shown at all. It is a work in progress.
Google is a private company. Forcing government on them would be anti-1st amendment and anti-capitalist. They are also in ingrained in all our lives the world over (except China) so, I do not think they feel any need to change tact.


On globalism you note.

Then on google you say.

Yeah, I think I see a flaw in that cunning plan of yours.


That is what you zeroed in on? Hey, you wanted it short, so I didn’t have space or time to flesh the whole thing out.


For some reason everyone’s talking about Trump drinking water. We have come to this.


I’m sure it gets better. :rainbow:


I’m wondering, if the media has reached the point of reporting even when Trump drinks water, what is going to happen in the next 7 years?
I mean, of course it may not be 7 years: we all know he’s an undercover KKK Nazi suprematist, so he may very well extend the rights to stay in the White House longer than that.


Do you understand what peoples concerns are regarding globalism?

Do you understand the concerns people have about large multi national corporations like google?


He does not even know what GDP is. He thought it was equal to zero. That is third class 1st year economics (heck, they even teach it in micro). He has said worse stuff too.

I honestly don’t feel anyone in the world is stupid, but there is such a thing as willful ignorance.


Yes and yes.

But what is the remedy? More government (socialism) or more free market (capitalism)?

IF the US government went in and regulated Google, then that could have a chilling effect on other media and services.


Interesting read here.

No-where is Trump Derangement Syndrome more evident than in the position of activist Democrats now swearing allegiance to multinational trade deals.

It was only a short time ago when Democrat activists and liberal politicians demanded U.S. withdrawal from TPP and openly discussed how NAFTA was disastrous for the U.S. worker. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ran on pulling out of TPP etc.

Trump gets elected, actually fulfills a campaign promise and promptly pulls-out of TPP subsequently beginning to renegotiate NAFTA (with leveraged threats to withdraw); and suddenly, Democrats are joining arm-in-arm with corporate Republicans expressing their profound love for multinational trade deals. Go figure.


Politics morph overtime. Remember, the ACA is part and parcel on par with the GOP counter health plan to the Clintons attempt in 1993. Fast forward 16 years, Obama effectively repackages it, and a new political movement was born!


Principles don’t or at least should only change after careful reflection. I’ve been anti TPP agreement many years before Trump came on the scene, same about a cautious distrust for mulit national corporations that are able to secure sweet deals for themselves by lobbying congress and at the expense of the people.

Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters were against the TPP, then when Trump backed out of it were all for it again, liberals who used to be like me, very cautious about monopolies and large multinational corporations, are now, all for less regulation for the conglomerates.


Of course size matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters.



I guess we know why Obama got elected then. Twice.