The narratives about Trump thread.


Despite what the former Mr Marla Maples has to say, more Rs supported NAFTA than Ds. And no it was not signed by Clinton. It was signed into law in 12/92. Clinton was not president. It was ratified in congress the following year, with the GOP leading the support.

It is just part of politics. Either people change their ideologies over time, or depending which way the wind is blowing.

Has anything changed in the TPP? A nice chunk of the resistance was over that authorization it gave the US government to peek into people’s harddrives in Korea.

Trade deals are not inherently a bad thing.


hmmm, was anyone else listening to that in a hip hop delivery style?


Well, Cyprus Hill has been blaring in my ears for a few hours now.

I can get your concern about globalization, and I can REALLY understand your concern now that Brexit is slowly becoming a reality. They will have to compete with the EU directly now. It may be OK, it may not be. But it is a little like TW going up against the US in terms of trade.

US-owned Caterpillar has a plant in the UK. The Chinese, Germans, Indians, and Malays all make cars in the UK. (Ironcally, formerly UK-based brands) As do the Japanese.

The Japanese, Koreans, Germans, and Italians all make cars in the US.

I think the largest threat to workers the world over is automation. Without some living wage in place, I fail to see how that will benefit mankind. It used to be an economy would just fall back to the service sector. But, that is becoming increasingly automated. Finance was next. Well, that is automated now. Hell, even police work is automated. I received a speeding ticket in the mail (NT$1200 for doing 67 in a 50. I have had parking tickets in KC that were higher than that!) that I doubt was ever seen by human eyes. One more job, gone.

You and I may very well agree. Hell, a lot of 45 supporters and I may agree. But, the difference is, I am not afraid to say the “S” word…are you?


Sorry, it all sounded very 007, special spy stuff to me. Did you actually mention the top secret “S” word, or will you have us waiting in baiting breath?

edit. i know im one of those people that clicks on the cheat sheet on crossword puzzles, terrible.


I’m guessing the word is Socialism, because, yeah, we all need a little more Venezuela in our lives. Our bourgeois lives are just so dull and drab.


So am I brother, so am I.

Socialism. Not the Ruskie-China type. More a Tito-cum-Northern Europe (the first person to send me some VDO about how Scandinavian Socialism is a myth I will shoot you a look so hard…) BION, Josip Broz land had a quality of life on par with that of say…the UK at the time. At least the Netherlands. Minus the pot.


Do not let the actions of a few despotic 3rd world leaders spoil you on a very pliable economic theory. Besides, we’ve seen what unchecked financial markets and banking cartels can do.

If you have a beef with government activity in the marketplace, then I am guessing globalization and trade pacts are your thing.

Besides, you kind of live in one now. Its part of the “三民”


This is unrelated to anything what so ever :slight_smile:



Not to mention the fact that the technical pinnacle of Tito’s socialist paradise, the Yugo GV (for “great value”) was one of the highest quality cars ever made, despite capitalist propaganda claiming otherwise:

Unfortunately, like all socialist paradises, Tito-land eventually ran out of other people’s money:

. . in Yugoslavia an economic crisis erupted, and that as a product of disastrous errors by Yugoslav governments, such as borrowing vast amounts of Western capital in order to fund growth through exports. At the same time, Western economies went into recession, decreasing demand for Yugoslavian imports, creating a large debt problem.

In 1989, according to official sources, 248 firms were declared bankrupt or were liquidated and 89,400 workers were laid off. During the first nine months of 1990 directly following the adoption of the IMF programme, another 889 enterprises with a combined work-force of 525,000 workers suffered the same fate. In other words, in less than two years “the trigger mechanism” (under the Financial Operations Act) had led to the lay off of more than 600,000 workers out of a total industrial workforce of the order of 2.7 million. An additional 20% of the work force, or half a million people, were not paid wages during the early months of 1990 as enterprises sought to avoid bankruptcy. . . . Real earnings were in a free fall and social programmes had collapsed; creating within the population an atmosphere of social despair and hopelessness.


You cannot call Scandinavian countries SOCIALIST countries just because it makes socialism look good. They’re standard Western countries that are based on a free market, and thanks to a good generation of wealth + a stable society were able to invest money in social programs. That’s not real socialism, and this is actually a correct time to use this sentence.


He died in 1980. It all went downhill, relatively quickly from there.

Zastava is owned by Fiat, now. That is an upgrade.


I KNOW it’s not the textbook definition of socialism. There are a number of VDOs, from apparently conservative creators, Praeger has one, and one from a guy who, using questionable methods (combining them in Eurosong/EU and inflating the numbers) who do refer to it as socialism.


That’s perfectly OK. You’re speaking my language. Thanks for the product promotion. The milk that flows from my udders comes in three delicious flavors: white (privilege) milk, milk tea latte and coffee latte. Available wherever fine (and not so fine) beverages are sold!


PraegerU is an interesting YT channel. Sometimes they make interesting and well thought videos, but every now and then they produce stuff that is so one-sided that it can be quite embarrassing to watch. Every time they discuss Israel they seem to be making an infomercial rather than an instructional video.

Discussing socialism is always tough because the terms is also used to describe non-socialist countries that have “social programs”, so there can always be some problem founding the boundaries of the definition.


privilege milk, wtf hahahahahahah

I hope you’re aware of the milk-drinking prank that was associated with white supremacy right after (or right before?) Donald’s election, it was amazing.


It’s all part of a vast vegan conspiracy. You can’t make this shit up.


It all started from 4chan, though.

Some users thought:“Hey, there are so many dumbasses believing that anything is connected to nazis, white supremacy etc etc, how about we show up somewhere and drink gallons of milk, making people think that it’s a white supremacy official drink?”, and many media outlets bought into the story.
Later they tried to pull the same about the OK sign:

And people bought into that, AGAIN.

The next step was supposed to be white bread, but that didn’t work out…


The conspiracy actually goes back even further in time, as demonstrated by this ad featuring well-known Nazi sympathizer Spike Lee. Yes, it’s a Hitler mustache.


i hate that guy so much, just seeing a pic of him triggers me



I figured you would be tempted to “punch a Nazi.” :sunglasses: