The narratives about Trump thread.


def like_user_post if @post.raw.match(/thank/i) PostAction.act(self.discobot_user, @post, PostActionType.types[:like]) end

What do you say @discobot?




All this time, no one ever thought to thank him.


Not so! DB gave the first like here:

It goes without saying that I like Discobot! :heart: :robot:


If you like discobot, you’re gonna love the newer models!


I already love the God-Emperor. I just said like for the sake of reciprocity, not that my worthless self could ever truly reciprocate the benevolence of our Dear Leader.

Thank you @discobot for your infinite wisdom. :bowing:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Geez, we got a regular human-cyborg love fest going on here. Get a room, you two!


The benevolence of the GE cannot be contained in a single room. Its cup overfloweth… :heart: :fountain: :rainbow:


On this we agree. I hear “discobot” is his alternate Twitter account. :sunglasses:




Here’s a “Thanksgiving” letter I just received from the congresswoman who represents my district in California. No wonder I live in Taiwan…


The only thing keeping America’s domestic Cold War from escalating is its relentless waves of political purges. The latest Pussy Purge has so decimated the ranks of politicians that nobody seems interested in getting into the hot seat in 2020. As long as there’s no domestic Fidel Castro or Ronald Reagan to rally the troops all politics will remain local, gridlock will reign and the only real action will be at the street level between far right and far left.

Viva Taiwan indeed.


Well at least Trump didn’t call anyone “chop suey” while he was in Asia.


Maybe it’s because chop suey is an American dish?


There’s something wrong with that guy.


Yes. He’s missing the political correctness gene.


I thought it was a heart and a normal helping of common sense.


You don’t get to be president with qualities like that.


I thought it was hair.