The narratives about Trump thread.


I start to like Trump :smiley:


That was hard to watch :scream:


Now in all seriousness… what he said was alright. He didn’t call him Pocahontas, he praised him and mentioned that he was called that, but he kept praising him.

I’d have enjoyed much more him calling the guy Pocahontas. But he didn’t.


Did no one write a scripted speech for him? He sounds like that one kid that forgot he had a presentation on Monday and walks into class and wings it poorly.


Probably he still is that kid! :wink:


clearly…I felt like he had no knowledge of native americans…only that they are great and special people and when he ran out of things. The only thing he could think of native american related was pocahontas


It was like he was talking to honored WW2 veterans and had to slip in his shitty political point, and was talking to native Americans and had to slip in his shitty Pocohontas joke, all at the same time. It’s like an extra helping of shit on your shit sandwich.


This was pretty epic. In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday, Huckabee had asked reporters to share their stories of thanks before asking a question. (starts at 8:48)



If so, very misguided pandering.

Referring to Warren as “Fauxcahontas” would have been a better use of the photo op. Never pass up an opportunity to diss that cigar store injun.

It’s all white privilege until the money gets handed out. Say, what’s Rachel Delozal up to these days?


And the religious nutcases finally got what they wanted: start Armaggeddon. Either there is another big fight in Israel or better, the extremist groups bring the fight to the US. Never thought Trump a religious man, boy he’s silly putty of the right.

Fracking evangelicals with their insecurities, lack of faith, hate of life and Megachurch greed, now want to feed unrest into the region so they have more fuel to siphon money out of suckers. The Lord did not come in 2000, so they are pulling a “let’s mess this up so it will be as He said”. Actually, the only time He lost his patience was with the temple merchants…



This is a law that was passed in the 1990s with near-unanimous support from both Republicans and Democrats. And Trump’s present decision is also supported by many Democrats, including Chuck Schumer. All Trump is really doing is not signing yet another waiver to delay the law from being implemented. It’s basically a statement of the obvious…what a shocker!


No way Jose, seriously?! There is a reason why they stalled so long. 1990 that is a lifetime away. You wouldn’t buy a car fromk 1990 least of all pass a law from that. Israel was in a different position then, heck, teh US too. What this move accomplishes is the proverbial kick in the nest, not to say nuts.

I am not being anti Israel but seriously, talk about bad moves. It is as bad as if he had moved the embassy say to Taipei.


This move certainly is going to have huge consequences. A lot of rioting, protests that’s will probably turn violent from everyone, more instability right now. But maybe, maybe this needed to happen. It’s been one of the big issues of continual turmoil and hatred on both sides. Recent event has made me more sympathetic to the Palestinians. But there could be a small chance that maybe just doing this can actually give a small chance for some peace in the long run when the hell thats about to happen to ends. I don’t know, it’s a hit or hard miss.



You know what bothers me? The BBC is trying to interview this official and he keeps saying that this is an American president decision based on a promise to American voters. Like, get out of here, don’t question us, this is our issue why does the world care. Those blinders are too tight and they cannot see that there is a world beyond. A world that is shocked.

I mean, when Trump said he was going v to blow NK off the map, that was shocking enough.

And meanwhile the so called Christians celebrate the day of reckoning is near.


This about the Jerusalem thing?

Mustn’t upset the Palestinians, now. They’ll banish us all to the cornfield. It’s a GOOD life.

The Pope is all upset, and he knows a thing or two about religion. And not much else. Like how some things that are supposedly about religion aren’t really about religion at all. Whatever. I’m not Catholic, and I’m not sure he is either.

Anything that gets snowflakes riled up is likely to be worth it. They have a talent for being fundamentally wrong about consequences. A feature of moral narcissism.


I reckon so.

The longer a day or reckoning is put off, the worse it is when it comes. Interest charges accrue.


All this time and they never got around to repealing this law?

Didn’t the Dems control the entire government back in 2009? What were they doing then? Oh yeah. That thing.

Waivers and postponements and continuing resolutions are for people who can’t be bothered to think things through and get them right.

I’m wondering if Congress can do something about this now. I’m guessing no. They’re stupid, but they’re also ineffectual. Which renders them basically harmless.


Mixing religion and politics is never a good idea. Leading politics through religious ideology is backward and always ends in violence.