The narratives about Trump thread.


I received an email warning from the State Department yesterday. And for what? For what, I ask? God blesh the United Shtatesh?

I guess it was a case of dry mouth. Nothing a couple of tic tacs couldn’t help.


Wow, it’s almost as if the Saudi already knew about the Jerusalem thing days ago, and they are willing to throw Hamas under the bus if that helps them against Iran…
But no, I’m sure none of this was discussed during Trump’s visit in the middle east. He simply woke up and thought:“Hey you know what would be fun today? An embassy in Jerusalem lolololo”.


Well, Reagan was nominally prsident with less than full command of his faculties.

Saudi Arabia has bigger fish to fry.

As to Israel, I betcha the next embassy to move will be Rusia. Endgame.


Or Nanjing! :scream:

I suppose you’ll never forgive Truman for those interest charges. :money_mouth_face:


That would be glorious: Hamas would get rekt beyond comprehension, and thousands of butthurt people in the US would go back screaming at the sky about:“MAH RUSSIA TRUMP PUTIN HURRR”.

Please make it happen.


Oh I betcha a police station bientang it will.




I don’t get the whole global warming debate. I mean alternative energies full steam (ha,ha) ahead and move away from coal, gasoline, etc. is a no-brainer. Just go over to that “Air pollution levels in Taiwan” thread for starters. Then if you want to help a country with jobs (good ones) for many decades to come…no brainer. SAD!


That’s the punishment for voting Hillary.




After watching CNN for many years, I can’t stand the Anti-Trump diatribe and bias anymore. Ironically, Fox at least seems to allow criticism of Trump on air. It seems that it is becoming impossible to get News without agendas anywhere. I am not interested in opinions when watching “news” . Is it so hard to just present the facts and let me decide what my opinion may be ?


I can’t watch them, they’re brutal. Haven’t for years. Luckily there’s the internet


Are they officially part of the deep state yet?


More like progressive running dogs.


I meant Fox.

Fox at least seems to allow criticism of Trump on air.



Conservative running dogs?


Whereas the CNN agenda does not allow for ANY positive Trump news. That does not mean there are zero positives for the people that may agree with him.


There is a fine line, but a line, between individual insults and supporting a general disagreement with a belief system, ideology etc, so we have to be as tolerant of all the arguments/joking/, providing they are NOT personal . How else can anyone hold a different viewpoint , or more importantly, express themselves.
It is not enough to say you are “personally” insulted, by an individual arguing against things that you believe to be right. Joking is allowed, please don’t allow the World to lose a sense of humour , we need one.
Example : Some may be offended, should they be ?


I get trumps appeal to people. But the man needs to grow up. Stop acting like a child. Ifs not even people are asking him to be PC, or even presidential. But just act like an adult for once.