The narratives about Trump thread.


Can you blame him, he doesn’t get a salary!

"He said: “I think have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a year… no, I’m not going to take the salary. I’m not taking it.”


Donald Trump has ignored requests for proof he is donating his $400,000 annual salary to charity, despite promising during his campaign to waive the pay package.”

not good


OMG, a white supremacist rally! Where are Antifa when you need them!?!


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced his second-quarter salary donation to the Department of Education in July.

His first quarter earnings were donated to the National Park Service.

Did you try using google before posting?




Re his last donation From Vice:
"Trump’s “charitable” donation of his paycheck to the Department of Education stems from the same impulse. More than wanting to help people, he wants everyone to know he’s helping people. Mainly, he wants to help himself. "

It seems he is the Devil if he does and the Devil if he does not.
Their point was that he was cutting back on DoE spending and then donating his salary to them.


Well, your next showbiz option looks like Oprah. Have fun with that feelgood neoliberal wet dream.


At this point, it appears that the only way to defeat a billionaire reality TV star with no political experience is with another billionaire reality TV star with no political experience. :sunglasses:


Alternatives are: the Rock, Marc Cuban, Kayne West

I give Cuban the best chances


Of those three, I’d say Cuban has the worst chances.



Here’s a more accurate timeline:

Trump 2016
Oprah 2020
Chelsea 2024
Malia 2028
Bieber 2032


Cylon 2036
Keurig Machine 2040


Al Gore Floating Head 2044
Reanimated Reagan 2048
Sexbot 2052


Hillarybot 2056




As if! :rofl:

The constitutional amendment will be defeated specifically to prevent that. :rainbow:

And btw, nice job not revealing which bot is the puppet master! :robot:


This morning on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show: the Mooch is back. With a bullet.

Based on this interview, Trump could probably benefit with this guy back on the A team.


Why not Cuban? He is smart, rich, young, confident, aggressive, hard-working, kind of a celebrity, sense of humor, somewhere between liberal and conservative. Could appeal to a lot of people on the left and right.


He’s all those things you mentioned, but he lacks charisma and political instinct, and isn’t photogenic.


Charisma and political instinct, that’s something that he probably could develop a bit further if he wants; photogenic, can do nothing about the looks, guess he looks a bit cocky (he probably is). Is the current leader of the free world photogenic?


I doubt he can do much to develop his charisma. Generally, you either have it or you don’t. Political instinct, maybe. Some people can make cocky work, but his is just that “asshole boss with a bad temper” kind of cocky. You may argue that Trump has a similar vibe, but he’s much better at playing to the cameras and working the crowd.


I think Cuban is pretty charismatic. I’ve had personal experiences of meeting him. The GM of the Dallas Mavericks’s Donnie Nelson, I went to school with his daughter and son. I played basketball and baseball with his son.


They call me Dirk on the basketball court here. No resemblance, not one percent of his b’ball talent… :slight_smile:

Is Cuban a better business man than Trump I wonder. He certainly thinks he is, Cuban.