The narratives about Trump thread.


And Trump’s victory lead to an almost instantaneous of the Clinton Foundation, due to foreign countries ceasing to make donations…we could actually say that the reason why those countries are shitholes is Trump himself!!1

There you go, more breaking news fodder material for CNN


Wow, the Covfefist lovefest here could rival Woodstock if it keeps going like this! :heart_eyes: :peace_symbol:

with no help from their government

Since you guys want to play this game, please explain why we never hear of the Haitian capitalist death spiral (in honor of that other thread and its clones). Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?

(Sigh) Everybody wants to be the coolest monkey in the jungle.


I don’t know, man, that sounds kinda racist.


If black people wear it on their hoodies, then it must be okay.


Option A: El Salvador isn’t a shithole, so they don’t need 17 years of Temporary Protected Status, and migrants from there should be sent home immediately.

Option B: El Salvador is, in fact, a shithole.


Although I’ll probably call a lot of countries shit holes personally. But I’m not making policies on immigration and I don’t think this is the train of thought that someone in that position should openly say and really say without any back thought. I would suppose some people would have also considered the ROC a shit hole country in the 90s when I went. And I would probably call some parts of Taiwan still a Shit hole.




He didn’t say it openly. He said it in a bipartisan meeting of a handful of Senators and Representatives. Somebody - coulda been a Democrat - decided to jam a stick in his bicycle wheel by telling the press about it. US politics in the Trump era (not that he doesn’t blurt/tweet/say things at inopportune times).

Can you imagine what LBJ would have said about Haiti, ceteris paribus?! Or Clinton, another Democrat stalwart? Or Bush 43?


Can’t believe I’m defending trump. But I guess for myself I wouldn’t go to a professional meeting as the president or any important position saying something like that. But I guess trump is trump and that’s why people like him. But also behind closed doors, somethings are left there. There is a huge difference between someone saying hey I grab girls by the pussy because I would find it a bit worrysome if someone said that next to me than questioning why they are letting people in (although I will still condemn the way he said it)


I think that’s way too harsh. At most, you could say it’s a backwater.


I call my ancestral area in Taiwan a shit hole. My parents moved away and don’t ever go there unless we have to. Maybe once a year because our ancestral temple is there. I guess my image of it was there was a lot of dog shit everywhere before Taiwan cleared up the wild dogs running around.


I liked the call for immigrants from places like Norway. I wonder why they aren’t coming in sufficient numbers?
Reminds me of the time the union at IKEA in Sweden was complaining that an overseas plant was paying crap wages and has terrible conditions for its local labour. IKEA defended itself by pointing out that you couldn’t apply Swedish standards to workers in a shithole like the US.


Took the words right out of Senator Moore’s(R-Al) mouth.


Why? Why would they? Leaving behind a substantially better life than many Americans can only dream about!


I like it! That’s a lot more politically correct than:“Fuck off we’re full” !



I for one love it. Go Trump


Ha, I was going to add that one!