The narratives about Trump thread.


Yes, but you are in France. Healthcare massively socialized and one of the best systems in the world.


The system in France is a mixture of private and public and as seen in my Forbes link above, has a hospital that is world class.


Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. Virtually every healthcare system is a mixture of private and public. The one you are sucking off is primarily public.


The healthcare in Taiwan has saved my life 3 times in 3 years. I am grateful i was here and not in the UK, where it is appalling now. So my experience differs from yours.


The problem with America’s healthscare system is hospital and lawyer lobbies own more politicians souls than anyone else so they call the shots. And the shots are consequently so overpriced and overadministered that the system is unaffordable now.


The healthcare system is overpriced because it isn’t socialized. It is for some groups such as vets, but in general it’s the lowest healthcare coverage of any developed nation. I don’t think that’s down to lobbies, I think it’s a deeper cultural thing surrounding individualism.


That’s the theory but one would have to ignore the fact that even if Clinton II had won Obamacare would still be falling apart because politicians had failed to stand up to the lobbies and rein in the cost of healthcare in the U.S. the way Taiwan does so well.


Taiwan is struggling. Obviously, demographics are going to play the key role in the survival, or not, of socialized health care programmes. Taiwan could well be an early casualty as a result of its prematurely ageing population. The US is perhaps trying to preempt the issue by destroying its own already limited system. Smart people are moving to countries that still have socialized public health care - it just seems a little of churlish of them to then complain about socialized health care.


Who’s complaining about Taiwan’s national healthcare system?


He’s only policies that favor him and his cronies.


It saved mine also, although I had to take my stance. In the US I would have been bankrupt.


Taiwan implemented a healthcare system way to late. Same as the new pension system, too late if not done right.


I don’t know.


One of his key policies is to enforce immigration law. One example is that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a Federal law enforcement agency, has begun interviewing 7-Eleven employees nationwide in search of illegal immigrants on their premises. ICE has made no attempt to arrest legal immigrants or US citizens. ICE has focused only on those who are in the US illegally.

On a related note, the US unemployment rate is at a 17-year low. The pressure on wages is strictly up; recently Way-Mart announced that it would pay its beginning employees $11/hour (I think) nationwide - a significant increase. In many areas Wal-Mart competes for labor with other big box companies, fast-food restaurants, and other industries that are usually considered entry-level jobs for Americans with no post-secondary education.

The benefits flowing from Trump’s policy of (merely) enforcing existing US immigration laws is yielding real and significant $$ benefits to US citizens who are hardly Trump ‘cronies.’

Removing a source of cheap and high-quality employees who are in the country illegally should help maintain upward pressure on entry-level wages everywhere. Shrinking this pool of illegal labor will not help (financially) any Trump cronies.


That’s what I thought. You’re sure they’re here though.


Ah! I thought you were joking.

You’ve edited down the posts to a point where it would be easy for others to misunderstand your confusion and give the appearance of me being a bigot. I’ll repost an earlier post with a reply.


“socialized health care” is a generalisation. Taiwan’s healthcare system is unique. So, I am clearly commenting on people who complain about socialized healthcare in general, while enjoying the benefits of it in Taiwan.




Yes. That’s exactly my point. So what is your issue?


That you’re very confused and don’t realize it.