The narratives about Trump thread.


So you think there are no gay Nazis?


Now that the NYT is a white supremacist paper of record, I shudder to think what those other sources have become.


From buzzfeed to the huffpost.

What’s next? Occupy Democrats?


Donald Dump is going to have his yearly address to the people speech. Good luck with that!


I hope he’ll read some extracts from Clinton Cash.


He will keep it on the positives, the Nunes memo will drop the day after, if he is being insane, which is his tendency, he will read from the Nunes memo itself.


That would be pretty glorious as well.


I’m looking forward to both with equal expectation.


Nothing can possibly go wrong with this (the State of the Union Address). If Trump has trouble with the teleprompter again, he can always just ad-lib. He’s a master at that, it’s like listening to dadaist poetry.


will trump ever recover?

Apparently he’ll order to release the memo after the speech. Hairy Nancy’s interview on CNN was glorious, she went from:“IT MUST REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL” to;“IT’S FAKE” to:“TRUMP PROBABLY DIDN’T READ IT” within minutes.


If the Democrats were smart, they’d be keeping her away from the media. She’s really starting to get wacky.


you only say this because you hate women and you also assumed Nancy identifies as a woman.

you should apologize before i make a google search for ‘‘nancy pelosi penis’’ and post the results here


To kind of paraphrase Ross Perot:
You hear that "giant sucking sound?"
That’s all those US dollars going back home to where they were printed. The drop in business tax is huge.


my God the faces of the dems every single time the camera pointed at them during the speech…


Ah, the speech. I’m skeptical of polls, except when the spread is yuuuuge…

Of course, not everyone liked it…


Trump could have dropped his trou and taken an almighty dump and middle America would have approved of it. The man can do no wrong.


But all the Democrats just sat there scowling as everyone else clapped when Trump talked about black unemployment reaching a historic low. Not a good look. They keep talking about taking back both houses in the midterms, but this doesn’t bode well for them.


If he only meant what he said. He spoke with a split tongue.
I can blabber about anything you want and so does he, all the time.


Let’s see, he inherited a growing economy and rising wages from Obama (which have since dipped to 2014 levels), he managed to get passed and enacted a tax bill that is half the size of the one Obama signed in 2012 (IAD), but he is taking credit for the whole thing. What is fine. But, will he take credit when it stalls (don’t kid yourself, it will)? Nah. He will blame…Obama. Or Clinton. Or “fake news”, as is his MO.


The man knows how to work a crowd and keep his populist crusade alive. He could literally enact apartheid, and get away with it.