The narratives about Trump thread.


You will be satisfied that a memo that has been edited in such a way that the “omissions of fact will fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy”

If the memo is to be released, great. But, in the name and spirit of transparency, it needs to be in its complete, unaltered form. No redactions. No edits.


Redacted, not redacted, it doesn’t matter. I heard certain changes were made to accommodate FBI concerns, it doesn’t matter. The storm is here, the establishment is going to be exposed to sunlight.

If not in this memo, then in the next, or the one after that. People will be disgusted with Democrats before this process is even 10% done.


Think about that for a second. Think about what that says about the people who will buy into whatever the memo says and disregard whatever was left out.

This says a lot about where the US is politically. The Dutch interview with the new ambassador was telling enough. This just drove it home.

That New Yorker cartoon from above was supposed to be satire, now I see that it was meant to be taken for truth.

Ah, what the hell. People believed (and still believe) the bendy banana rule, the hairnets for fishermen rule, the emulsified high fat offal tube rule, being deadset against neoliberalism but electing and blindly supporting a neoliberal is in no hypocritical.

BTW why do you keep framing me as a democrat? I am a bleeding heart anarchist.




Do you think for a second what it is you post. You previously stated you want to see Trump fail, did you think about what that means?

I knew Obama/Clinton intervention in Syria and Libya was reckless, I hoped I was wrong, but it turned into a disaster, I didn’t want that. If Hillary was elected President, I know she planned a no fly zone in Syria, I thought that might bring conflict with Russia, I wouldn’t have wanted that. I would have prayed I was wrong.

So what sort of Trump failure are you looking for? Nuclear war with North Korea? Would that have you popping the Champagne corks ? How about a total financial meltdown? Something that would really negatively impact 100’s of millions of people, would that make you deliriously happy. I think you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this who I want to be.


How do I want him to fail? Let me count the ways!

I want him to fail in a collapse of his own hubris. That man is so vain, and his skin so thin it is going to be so satisfying when he goes down. When he fails and falls, there will be some collateral damage, I can accept that. (What is bizarre, however, is that so many people have bought into him and blindly support him. Even people who cannot vote for him! Hell I dare say more people than blindly supported Obama and Clinton combined. ) And everyone is hanging on this memo like it is the holy grail. This is the vindication that everyone needed that everything is an anti-45 conspiracy.
If Russia meddled in the US election, and I believe they have, at least to some degree, so what. The US meddles in so many elections, in one way or the other, it was due to get it comeuppance. What I am interested, and what every L&O supporter out there should be, was whether or not elements within, or near this administration were attempting to usurp US law and international law by attempting to do business with a sanctioned nation. That would be treason. We can talk all day about Obama and his cherry picking of his own ACA, if that will make you happy. But if you believe the law is the law, then they both should be in jail. The ACA was passed by 1 vote. The sanctions law was passed 517 to 5. He could have vetoed it. But that would have been a humiliating defeat. No, instead he decided to ignore the law. That, is impeachable. But, that will not happen for reasons I will explain below.

I referenced above how he would be good for the GOP in that he would fracture the party. I was wrong on that. I had no idea how hard he would go after those who criticized him, and how easily his followers would eat up his rhetoric. You know it has been floated that he could be video taped killing a child on 5th ave in NYC, and his supporters would believe it to be fake news. And I believe that to be true. The recent adultery charge, went by without a glitch. The same thing led to Clinton getting impeached. He admitted to watching underage girls getting undressed. No one challenged that. He has been idolized. But, his whole idolification is based on alt-facts and alt-truths. But, he has created this post-truth world. I will prove it to you.

Obama’s inauguration



The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Allahu Akbar. Sala’am.


And you see why the democrats will lose again…who the fuck cares about how many people were there man. Why does it matter? How about they field a real candidate and actually make moves and talk about how they can improve the country instead trump being trump and going into a outrage. They realize his supporters don’t care? I still don’t like trump and disagree with many of his policies and think he’s dangerously childish and immature. But the democrats and the left have lost me with them crying at everything.


Here it is.


I am so sorry to inject this levity , but it did tickle me.:grin:


Why does everyone think I am a demo? Because I am against DP?
Cum hoc ergo propter hoc. Bad logic.

Who cares about the numbers? Apparently his administration.


I thought you were refering to American Born Chinese/Canadians/Congolese/Whatever ethnonationality begins with C.

Either way, I am not making a connection.


My Latin teacher always told me that Latin would be useful one day.
Utile Dulci, JB


You’re a liberal, you’ve said it. I guess it doesn’t mean you’re a democrat. But I’m guessing you’re not exactly a republican.


A: Donald 萬歲! 萬歲! 萬萬歲! Death to the Feminazis! :rant:

B: Death to the Covfefists! Finish the Civil War! :rant:

C: Excellent! It’s all falling into place…



I think we are already at C.


Are we still talking Latin… 100? :zipper_mouth_face:


I like the term “bleeding heart anarchist.” Actually, my ideology goes anywhere from “everyone gets free whatever” to “no actor above the individual/any governance is oppression”, but it is 100% anti-45 and anti-Clinton. If she was elected, she would be getting it as bad 45.

I like McCain. I like W. I like Obama. I like Condoleezza Rice. Not policies per se, but character.


Shameless cross-post. :slight_smile:


The memo is out! What have we learned? Depends on your political bent.

The gop: Vindication!
The dems: A travesty!
The rational: What gives?

Oh no, a campaign paid for dirt on a rival? For shame! That has never happened! That would be like a candidate publicly calling on a foreign government to hack a rival!

It would be nice if they released the actual application. That will be the only way to really evaluate the memo and its impact. As it is, it does not prove, or disprove, there was enough independent evidence to justify the application. At any rate, the application process is apparently simple.


Oh btw Andrew, that was 2015. It’s the origin of Ibby’s “current year” obsession.