The narratives about Trump thread.




If there is a god, who is to say this deity does not approve of such actions?

It has been scientifically proven that gender, race, and even religion play into job selection, collegiate enrollment, promotions, even social roles. Waiting for society to come to its senses does not always work. Sometimes, change needs to be forced. As with Truman’s XO desegregating the military.

It is interesting that the CRAs have never been ratified. Congress attempted an ERA geared towards guaranteeing equal pay for women. That failed.

But, there are people who are still upset and take issue with forced change in the past. The aforementioned XO, Brown, VRA, women voting, 13th amendment, end of apartheid, etc.


Some anarchist you are. :unamused:


I’m urbane, what can I say?


The way I look at it, Canadians have many reasons to be disappointed with JT’s performance so far (despite the kind of level of economic growth that DJT likes to brag about).

But trust Americans to ignore all the other stuff and argue (A) he’s a worthless :cat: because he appointed more female cabinet ministers than his predecessors vs (B) he’s the new Mandela because he appointed more female cabinet ministers than his predecessors. :roll: :idunno:


Oh, Canada.


I’d like to see Canada go all-in on its quota system rather than just relegating it to a few cabinet ministers. After all, if a little equality is a good thing a lot is much better. All public and private enterprises including traditionally male dominated professions like the military, natural resource enterprises such as oil,gas, logging, professional athletics etc.would be required to implement quotas until their racial, gender and ethnic makeups reflected that of Canadian society in general. Now that would truly be Oh, Canada!


No problem, Comrade! If you can found your Post-Apocalyptic Basic Blockchain Income Utopia without causing Armageddon, absolute affirmative action should be no challenge at all. :rainbow:


It’s agreed then. Canada could also call its implementation of absolute affirmative action Year Zero in order to mark a clean break with the past.


I said without causing Armageddon.


I get your concern that implementing quotas for real would risk turning Canada into another resource-rich basket case but token quotas aren’t good for anything but show.


So the Muller investigation was based on nothing, the FBI used that nothing as a way to spy on a candidate. Seems legit, nothing to worry about, the memo is clearly a gop scam. Yep.

I like how the most desperate of the dems are trying to move all the focus on the REDACTIONS…which are a few typos/grammar edits and a few redactions asked by the dems themselves.


What I don’t get is why Mueller had to investigate in the first place. I thought intelligence services had the goods on Trump ages ago and all the Justice Department had to do was ask them to hand over their evidence.


In “rules for radicals”, Alinsky points out that a great strategy is to accuse your opponents of your crimes before they call you out. Interesting that Hillary had him as a mentor.

The fbi knew the GPS dossier was a scam funded by the Dmc/Hillary campaign, yet they used it to get the warrant to spy on Trump and associates…what the fuck…


No, my concern was that you would cause the baskettishness with your utopian plan because you think you know what’s best for everyone and feel threatened by a system that requires checks and balances to keep ideas from going too far, because in your mind it’s all just a conspiracy to cause the cultural genocide of alpha males, or something.

New narrative: the same committee that narrowly voted to release the memo also narrowly voted not to release the “counter-memo” :astonished: that rebuts the first memo. The committee is (of course) a narrow majority of R’s and a narrow minority of D’s. :roll:

Smells like hot air on both sides. :2cents:


You get that from CNN? The Democrats wanted a vote to release their memo, without giving the Republicans a chance to see it first. Then they ran to the press, which is where you no doubt picked up their spin. See video @ 1min to 2min.

Sure, theres always politics at play, it really doesnt surprise me the establishment had their heart set on Clinton, too bad for the Dems they will be the ones blamed for all of this. Expect much more to come.


So it’s my fault that Canada only gets token show quotas?



So it’s my fault that Canada is more real than your blockchain utopia?


What? No! CBC! Geez, what do you take me for, man? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: