The narratives about Trump thread.


I didn’t say “blockchain utopia.” I said 'quit humping my leg.'


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Screw the memo, release the application!


“Didn’t live up to its billing” -> the FBI used fabricated evidence to obtain the authorization to spy on a political candidate, all with the backing of the opposing candidate and the (at the time) current president.

Yes, it was literally nothing! Drumpfgtf is finished!


More gop hype and spin? For the past week or so, the gop has been spouting “bias! bias! and we have a memo that proves it!” and all the memo said was “bias!” with nothing to support it. The only thing that will support it, or discredit it is release of the actual application, and transcripts. Anytime there is anything going on in a court, the is a transcript. Lets see everything. What are they afraid of?
This memo would not hold water in any court case. Others may settle for only rumors and hearsay, I spent 25 years in MO. You have to show me. Only the court of public opinion. If it is that easy to appease the people, then as a whole, we are doomed.


That’s interesting. With literally 0 evidence of any Trump/Russia collusion, the “MAH RUSSIA” narrative is absolutely fine for you to follow. Yet, a memo that the FBI itself approved, is not good enough.
Makes me wonder if the fact that you bought into the:“Drumpf is literal Hit;ler!11!” nonsense has any influence into that…but no, I’m sure it’s a completely reasonable position.


What do you think Chuck Grassley is doing? :sunglasses:

Thats getting messy too, Grassley and Graham already put in a criminal referral related to Steele.

As a result of their talks, Steele and the FBI reached a tentative agreement whereby the FBI would pay Steele to continue the anti-Trump work.

All the while, Steele was also working for the opposition research firm Fusion GPS – his dossier was the result of a Fusion anti-Trump project funded by the Clinton campaign. As part of that, Steele briefed reporters on what he had found. In a London court case, Steele’s lawyers said that in September 2016, Fusion GPS directed Steele to brief reporters from the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, the New Yorker, Yahoo News, and, later, Mother Jones. Steele did each briefing individually.

One serious question is whether Steele told the FBI that he was telling reporters the same information – those explosive allegations about Trump and Trump associates – that he was bringing to bureau investigators. If the FBI knew that, would they have agreed to an arrangement to make Steele a paid FBI operative investigating the Trump-Russia affair? That would have been a most unorthodox arrangement, with Steele disseminating his allegations to the FBI and the press simultaneously.

That is not exactly how the FBI operates. So now the question is: When Steele was discussing working for the FBI, did he fully inform the FBI of what his work for the Clinton campaign involved, in particular his briefing the press on the findings he would be reporting to the FBI? To use Grassley’s and Graham’s words, were the “statements the committee has reason to believe Mr. Steele made regarding his distribution of information contained in the dossier” accurate?


This diagram does a good job of tying together the various strands related to the memo:


And thats only the tip of the iceberg, medias complicity will be soon coming, just how long this scam has been going on will be one of the questions, likely it’s been going on for decades.

Props to Trump to get further than any president prior and still remain in the land of the living, new level unlocked?


Yeah sure, but in his last tweet he wrote “their” instead of “they’re”.

He’s finished.


But Alphaman, if I stop being assertive, how will I ever transcend my shameful beta boy status? :hushed:

Whatever. I wish you a pleasant day. :bowing:


Constantly berating us field hands out the back door isn’t being assertive. It’s being self-negating, the sort of self-negation that’s based on the false belief that the content of your character is determined by the sins of the past.

Nothing that a little consciousness raising won’t cure but you’ve got to want to liberate yourself from your feelings of shame and low self worth. No one can do that for you.


You’re a noble peasant now, and I’m the nasty lord of the manor? :confused:

Great, but please be careful with that consciousness raising stuff – it doesn’t always lead to rainbows and unicorns. :slight_smile: :astonished: :dizzy_face: :exploding_head:

I wish you another pleasant day. :bowing:


Suppose I don’t bother to say it, but simply point to evidence from time to time?


I love it when the pooh-pooh flingers trot out this line.

I’d agree, except that I suspect it’s not entirely sincere. So I’ll merely echo it. Let’s see everything. SEE ALL THE THINGS!

A refreshing change from a week or so ago, when all the usual suspects wanted even this memo suppressed.

Speaking of seeing everything, an investigation of the FBI is in the works. Investigate the investigators. Watch the watchmen.

There’s nothing more American than government accountability. Investigate them all, forever. Trust does not apply.


We’ve got a Deep State thread, but we discussing this over here on narratives thread?

I guess to some people, it’s all narrative.



God Emperor <3


I think the democrats should be worried. When you get a die hard trump doubter/hater (you can check pre election and post election) like me who supported them during the Obama years to almost go over to the other side. I still would probably vote for someone they can actually field against trump that’s not a joke…the whole Oprah thing made me choke. However I do appreciate trump actually doing a lot of what he said, even when I think many of them are ridiculous. He still says things that make me think he has a mental handicap, but every once in a while I find myself nod and say hmmm…I think he’s right.


My bet is that he’ll follow the footsteps of unqualified but “politically correct & appealing to the youngsters” candidates that won the election in other places, and the Dems will field him as the ultimate weapon to defy the God Emperor.

Admirable, but mistaken.


Not as mistaken as you are in blaspheming against Discobot! :no_no: