The narratives about Trump thread.


I doubt it. He’s the ultimate poster boy for white male privilege. He needs to just shut up and listen. Kamala Harris 2020!


Interesting idea…
So the progression may be:
Black man
White woman
Black woman
Black transgender man
White non-binary intersectional genderZ
Black non-binary intersectional genderZ
Identifies as an attack helicopter intersectional genderZ

That’s actually in line with the dems’ political strategy, we may be on to something here.


We may indeed disagree on many an issue, but I, like you respect a person who puts principles first, looks around and sees how other people meet those principles and then make a decision based on that.

Blind allegiance to a party that behaves in a way that feels shameful, and I dont mean that in any way connected to their beliefs, I mean their behavior, then you need to look for an exit.

Hey, believe it or not Im a liberal too, Im just not so open minded my brains have fallen out.


Dow has its biggest single day drop ever. Almost 1,500 points. Bigger than any drop during the 2008 recession. But it’s probably Obama’s fault, right guys? :thinking: Once the economy goes to hell there goes the last thing Big Orange can hide behind.


Look at the percentage drop, not the point drop; otherwise, that thinking implies a 1500-point drop from 2,000 is the same as a 1,500-point drop from 20,000.


Obviously, I’m not taking away from the fact that the market puked today; just want to put things into perspective when using point drops as a comparison between extremely different levels of the Dow Jones Index. Always look at percentage drops or gains to get a better feel of an index’s true movement.


It’s clearly not Obama’s fault that the Dow has risen 26% in the last year rather than the normal 8% in the first year of a new administration. It’s also not Obama’s fault that real wages are finally on the rise after years of stagnation. And lastly it’s not Obama’s fault the Dow plunged because bond traders hit the brakes after concluding inflation is heating up due to a stronger than anticipated economic outlook in the coming year. That’s all the orange haired village idiot’s fault.


OtherKin or gtfo.


I had to Google that. Dafuq…


Indeed. :slight_smile:

For those of us who are too lazy to look it up, what kind of percentages are we looking at?


Today doesn’t even come close to top-20 of percentage drops. Today was -4.6%. ZZZzzz…

Rank Date Close Net change % Change
1 1987-10-19 1,738.74 −508.00 −22.61
2 1929-10-28 260.64 −38.33 −12.82
3 1899-12-18 58.27 −7.94 −11.99
4 1929-10-29 230.07 −30.57 −11.73
5 1929-11-06 232.13 −25.55 −9.92
6 1932-08-12 63.11 −5.79 −8.40
7 1907-03-14 76.23 −6.89 −8.29
8 1987-10-26 1,793.93 −156.83 −8.04
9 2008-10-15 8,577.91 −733.08 −7.87
10 1933-07-21 88.71 −7.55 −7.84
11 1937-10-18 125.73 −10.57 −7.75
12 2008-12-01 8,149.09 −679.95 −7.70
13 2008-10-09 8,579.19 −678.91 −7.33
14 1917-02-01 88.52 −6.91 −7.24
15 1997-10-27 7,161.15 −554.26 −7.18
16 1932-10-05 66.07 −5.09 −7.15
17 2001-09-17 8,920.70 −684.81 −7.13
18 1931-09-24 107.79 −8.20 −7.07
19 1933-07-20 96.26 −7.32 −7.07
20 2008-09-29 10,365.45 −777.68 −6.98


Trump didn’t manage to make it in the top20. HE’S FINISHED.


Donnie just simultaneously boosted the credibility of “Trump = McCarthy” and “Trump = Stalin” in the space of a few seconds. Talk about a glorious middle ground!

Not applauding during the SOTU is “Un-American! Un-American!”

Is it treason? “Ah, yeah, sure, why not?”


It’s the Fed’s fault.

No, not giving The Donald all the credit for the rise either. Some, not all.

And the stock market is bullshit anyway.



trump orders military parade. Just like Communist dictators do/did.

Also emulating Stalin, trump says that those who did not clap during his SOTU address are traitors.

Any lingering doubts about his disdain for American freedom and democracy as well as his wish to become dictator now can now be cast aside.


Inspired by the Bastille Day celebrations he saw in France. Are you saying Macron is Stalin?

This was meant as a joke. If the Democrats want to maintain their last shred of sanity, they need to stop taking everything so literally.

And people are complaining about Trump’s hyperbole?


I hope he’ll really do a military march, the general butthurt would be really enjoyable.


No no no, yyy got it right earlier, now I need to go and give an upvote.

Treason, not traitors, besides the left hasn’t worked out when he is trolling them, I saw Sarah Sanders press conference the next day, the press were full of questions like.

“Does Trump know what Treason means?”
“Why would he call the Democrats treasonous?”
“Was it appropriate to say the Dems are committing treason?”



This. Since the summer of 2016. Coming up on two years now and they just can’t figure it out.

‘Egghead’ is a pejorative that was in vogue 65 years ago, when Adlai Stevenson was running things for the Democrats. Obama gave new life to it. Democrats are eggheads who can’t even work out when they’re being pranked.