The narratives about Trump thread.


“Newly revealed text messages between FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

This could get volatile.


But Obomo said that he only heard about Trump’s wiretapping after reading the newspapers…


Il Douche wouldn’t have dared call for a military parade. The military wouldn’t have shown up.

But the Social Justice Warriors would have come out in force.


Let’s see what he does about Corsica before deciding whether he’s Stalin. As of now he’s just someone who has the organizational mojo to pull off a military parade.


That’s some kinky pillow talk. Obama likes to watch?

Oh. Of course he does. He was well on his way to establishing a surveillance state.


Come on, Mick.

It’s one thing if only very fine people hear it. It’s another thing if the world hears it, as it only takes one not-so-fine person to have another Pizzagate.


Houston, we’ve got a problem


You and Jotham and your obsession with whitewashing W… :roll:



Well treason is more specific than traitor.

For example, if a sitting President colluded with his parties running mate to create a dossier with the help of a firm the President had previously used in his last campaign to drag his opponent through the mud. Then that hit firm is hired by the intelligence agencies to use the dossier created with anonymous sources and unverifiable hearsay and salacious details while at the same time shopping the dossier to the media.

Then a warrant to spy on the opposing candidate based largely on the dossier and the news stories that used the dossier are used as evidence of corroboration that there is truth to the dossier. This is done by the intelligence community that know the source and dubious nature of the dossier but tell the court it is actually a known fact

Then when the candidate you wanted looses in an election you immediately point to the investigation your phony dossier created as evidence there was wrongdoing, remove barriers to sharing intelligence making sure as much information can be spread around regarding the now established spying on the now President elect in the hope it will be leaked and he will be discredited and eventually impeached.

Are we in the textbook definition of treason yet?


wew…luckily, definitions are a social construct.

Checkmate, racist peoplekind!


Donnie’s complaint was that they dared not to applaud during a speech he gave. Is that the textbook definition of treason?


Well, to be fair the Democrats have been watching the movie “Russia Russia Russia” non stop for 18 months now, I check it out from time to time, but its developing very slowly and is kind of boring. There is another movie that’s proving more entertaining called “Obama, Clinton the FBI and MSM are seditious bastards”, but admittedly its only screening on a few select channels. But those watching would have got the reference.


Movies? I call them soap operas, and I don’t find either of them very interesting. :sleeping:


It’s certainly being scripted at this point, I can even see some of the punchlines coming “but but but, there was Russian interference, the DNC was hacked by Russians”. On walks Julian Assange “Are you sure?”


With this kind of stuff, I figure it’s a waste of time trying to keep up with the new developments every day because there’s so much that hasn’t been revealed yet. When the dust settles, there will be books, hopefully with good indexes and references. :rainbow:


Very wise yyy, a lot of information and disinformation floating around at the moment.


My worthless self is flattered. :bowing:


I hear Red Dawn III is in the works starring Charlie Sheen as Christopher Steele.


And…breaking news: the Democrat memo has just been leaked!


If they’re doing Red Dawn III, they shouldn’t show another invasion. They should reveal that the US government was taken over years ago, by a determined conspiracy of…I dunno, bad guys of some type. You pick. Who are then toppled by a bunch of high school kids.