The narratives about Trump thread.


Waving a Pepe the frog flag and in between other exploits like getting people to microwave their own iPhones.


Red Dawn III: First they stole the election! Then they stole the country! Starring Charlie Sheen, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Directed by Steven Spielberg.


no minorities in 2018? you wouldn’t even find a producer for that!


By the time this blockbuster hits theaters, whites probably will be the minority.


It’s getting harder and harder to know what’s going on from the news now. But what is the purpose of the military parade for the trump administration?

  • Military men are the only non-billionaires with opinions he respects.
  • He loves military parades. Saw one in Paris recently, loved it.
  • He sees another way to troll Democrats, who hate the idea and will look as stink-faced then as they did at the SOTU. He loves that, too: he knows he can depend on Democrats to show Americans an easy, clear image of what he’s faced with in Congress.


He wants to normalize the use of the military, so that when his Death Squads start to gather his enemies, all the minorities, thLghbtgqj community and the Jews to take them to the TrumpGulags no one will bat an eye.

wait until you see this on buzzfeed, salon etc


I always knew you were closet anitifa, man.


that’s so offensive, i demand reparations.

gib money now


It’s the cat, obviously. :slight_smile: :cat:


The harmless idiot narrative. :dizzy_face: :rainbow:

Harmless idiots usually don’t get elected. Just sayin’. :whistle:


Yes, but which one?


I think that both “sides” , should watch this and consider . The Truth is out there , it will surface eventually.


Who doesn’t love a parade?



I hope this racist cult doesn’t go Jonestown…scary stuff!





You just whitewashed our nation’s greatest president ever…treason!! What? You’re not American? Um…blasphemy!