The narratives about Trump thread.


from an analyst elsewhere:

“The hyperinflation of Zimbabwe was in part set in motion by the violent expropriation of white farmers0. Zimbabwe saw a sharp decline in production of food plunging the country into chaos. Zimbabwe was formerly known as the breadbasket of southern Africa. Once it expropriated the farms of white farmers, the country fell into complete chaos. South Africa is risking the very same future.”

S. Africans in Taiwan and elsewhere overseas should get their remaining assets out of their homeland. A big warning sign.


More than their assets, they should worry about their family, especially if low on melanin.


Switching back to narrative mode so that the gun control thread can be a safe space… :slight_smile:

The Art of the Deal is his second-favorite book, after the Bible. Did he read that one either? :stuck_out_tongue:


His strategies seem to be partly inspired by King David.

Actually, he has many similarities to David, not all for the better. But ancient Israel could have done a lot worse, and likewise the US.

(The Bible is far above the average person’s reading level. Art of the Deal is only slightly above.)


Wait, Trump is the new King D… :eek:

You said it Rollo, not me! :whistle:


Oh, and it’s plainly evident that he knows AotD inside and out. If he didn’t read it, then he must have written it.

Elsewhere, on the wrong thread, someone’s harping that The Donald doesn’t read, and doesn’t attend briefings. When have we had a POTUS like that? I’ll give you a hint: we had one just like that for eight years before this one. People got on his case for it, too.

Executive summaries are for executives. A smart executive gets multiple summaries from different summarizers. A stupid executive reads just one summary, and an even stupider executive tries to read everything himself.

And just because someone doesn’t read what you think he should read doesn’t make him illiterate. After all, the stuff a lot of people think everyone should read is utter crap. I know, because I’ve read some of it.

I once had a discussion with a guy with a phenomenally high IQ (definition: higher than mine, and I’m well into the top percentile) about Moby Dick. He said the book is stupid because Ahab is stupid. I told him he’d missed the point. It’s not really about Ahab at all. All the same, you’re better off just watching the movie. The one with Gregory Peck. There’s a lot of info in the book that just doesn’t have any practical application unless you’re a 19th century whaler.


I can copy paste entire tirades from my US family members on how the Donald is an envoy of God, sent to straighten up the US in God’s ways…

Between that and the let’s overthrow the government tirades it all gives me nausea and a headache.


Do something obscene and not very nice to Donald Trump and the shitty horse he rode in on. I’ll never have an ounce of support or a vote for any of them as long as I live.


The Life of Pi is Moby Dick updated for the modern age.


I found it quite interesting to note , having been told so many times , that Hillary won the “Popular Vote” by a margin of 2 million, that if we removed the State of California results , Trump would have won the popular vote by more than 2 million .
A third of the Democratic congressional delegation comes from just three states—California, Massachussetts, and New York, so the Democratic Party do not seem to be much of a "National " party.
Just saying.


Each to his own Lightworker. Hopey changey.

It would be instructive to investigate the Latin roots of the word “monster.” It just goes to show you.

Jungian psychology also has insights. And it leaves God out of it.


I mean, I thought being a Latino republican was oxymoron enough.


I don’t go telling Latinos how to vote, and I don’t let them tell me how to vote.


Gee I am not telling you or anyone else how to vote. Just stare and wonder at how assimilated my family is, that votes against its own interests, those of its community, because Communism is worse! Yet they would be expelled in a blink in possible, and actually teh saner ones have left the US. Retirement is too expensive there, old people not respected they say. Nothing to do with guns.


Democrats in the US, while called little-L liberals, are not like leftists outside the US. The only values they have are overly egalitarian (free everything, including open borders). They don’t limit their goals to for equal opportunity for all, and they don’t understand the damage that lack of limitation does. Instead they stand for equality after all merit and personal effort are considered, based on nothing but shared nationality (like more homogeneous Europe). These are profoundly different outcomes.

As things stand in the US now, the Democrats are doing their damndest to exert their political will through social media. They’ve shut themselves outside of political power, and now they’ve resorted to imposing their own (shifting) definition of polite society, who can be in it, and who should be shunned and ostracized. Of course this is not consistent with their ‘equal outcomes for all’ guiding light.

People are not stupid, and many are disgusted by Democrats. Good chance your family feels like they would be targets of this shunning, which explains their support for Trump. No idea why would that would be surprising, frankly.


Trying to have it both ways here?

Never trust anyone who thinks he knows better than you what’s in your best interest. If he’s not telling you how to vote, it’s only because he’s planning to disenfranchise you for your own good.

That said, there are people who don’t know what’s best for themselves. But that’s not my problem. There are three types: children, retards and crazies. Children are for their parents to deal with. Retards - no one knows how to help them, but we could at least keep them from creating trouble for the rest of us. I’m for locking up the worst retards and crazies for normal peoples’ good, not for theirs. Because guns don’t kill people; crazy bastards and morons kill people - sometimes, but not necessarily, using guns.

The same crowd who insist that normal people can’t be trusted with guns also want crazy people to run loose and retards to vote.

What were we talking about again?


Guns. Who to shoot with them. Who should do the shooting.

We never mentioned the why.


It’s really not that hard. When the why is obvious, the whom will also be obvious - and vice versa.

For example, shooting that Cruz fucker in Parkland would have been a no-brainer.


I was just reading he was loaded. As in millions.

And maybe this goes in the other thread. But I gotta have lunch.


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