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Establishment: the party


Do they give the corresponding stats for non-Dems?


Don’t need those stats when you have Trump trying to clean up the alphabet agencies. They’re all running to the Dems. Kind of apparent.
Add in Former FBI director James Comey; Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe; Former CIA director John Brennan; Former director of National Intelligence Andrew Clapper. I won’t add any NSA names. Too many. The list goes on of higher-ups in the alphabet agencies who worry about Trump truly cleaning up the alphabet swamp.


Great news to the extent the alphabet agency vets can manage to pull the Democrat party to the right. Pulling the Democrat party to the right would be a great thing for the nation.

That said, I doubt they’ll pull it off. Even incumbent Democrats who lean conservative are facing headwinds in the Trump-era Democrat party.

Ibis alludes to the likelihood that these ex-establishment candidates are useful only to the extent they’re willing to disrespect Trump publicly. Otherwise they’re just more anchor drag in the party’s run to the left.


Yes, the Democrats have come up with a brilliant strategy for sweeping the Midterms:


I swear, sometimes when it rains I feel like I should check up on a Democrat just to make sure he doesn’t stare up at the sky too long and drown.

In a way they are prisoners of their own media that up until the past 10 days or so were still predicting the tax bill would be a catastrophe. Stories of individual tax savings are going to snowball this fall when Americans realize they had a great summer because they had more disposable income and Trump is partly why.

By October the Democrats will be working like fiends to bury that tax-hike of Bernie’s - who if memory serves isn’t even a Democrat. They’ll also be dealing with Nancy Pelosi’s stink face in Republican ads all over the country just after Labor Day.

Course Trump could piss it all away come October, but as things stand you couldn’t make this stuff up. Trump truth is far stranger, and (so far) more entertaining, than any fiction.


So…Trump’s approval rating was fairly low. After the tax cuts his approval rating became higher than obomo’s last part of “presidency”. This, to my uneducated eyes, seems to suggest that people in the US appreciated the extra shekels in their wallet.
And the dems’ strategy to win is to take that money away from people?


For our own good, man, for our own good! the Democrats want to take back Uncle Sam’s “raise.”
Yes, the Forbes article seems to say it’s Bernie’s platform for the Democrats this fall.


From a separate news article:

"After the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act that will clear the way for top leaders of Taiwan to visit Washington on March 1, the act is believed to take effect on March 16 the latest.

According to the official web page of US Congress, the bill was just presented to President Donald Trump and will become law with his signature within ten days, or will automatically become law after ten days without the signature, unless the
President exercises his power of veto

The American Institute in Taiwan is to open its new office building in Taipei’s Neihu District (內湖) in June — a significant step for Taiwan-US relations. The compound is housed on a new 6.5 hectare site, at a cost of about US$170 million (NT$4.98 billion).

While I do not think that Trump will visit Taiwan (but that would certainly fry the brains of mainstream media and China even more), it will be interesting to see which person he sends for the opening of the new AIT in Neihu.





Drooling intensifies.


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:crystal_ball: Yes


Congratulations, Ibby! :grinning:


Donald: Kim… Jong… Un.

Crowd: Boo!

Donald: No, it’s very positive.

Crowd: Boo! Rocket Man!

Donald: No, no, you can’t do that. After the meeting you may do that, but for now we have to be very nice.


After the Trump-Kim summit, his named will be changed to Conventional Rocket Man.


Meanwhile on reality TV…


“The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” Man, now I know how @mad_masala feels. I’m really feeling the oppression right now. Well, at least they called it a country…


Video not available in Taiwan


You guys need to get interweb savvy…

Does this one work?


Oppression intensifies…