The narratives about Trump thread.


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Yeah, that’s the big story here.

A lot of people were concerned about Tillerson’s appointment. It was a scary choice, on the surface. But he’d proven himself to some.

Since you guys are so gung ho on furiously defending something that nobody had even bothered to point out yet, I guess I’ll lay it out.

Theresa May called Russia out for carrying out an attack on their soil using a nerve agent. It’s important to remember that the UK and US freely share intelligence. So Tillerson knew what Theresa May knew, and was seemingly happy to go along with her assessment yesterday. Basically, it was the Russians.

Tillerson was fired a few hours after this. The official White House story is that he was told about it on Friday. That was quickly proven to be untrue through Steve Goldstein’s statement. Steve Goldstein was then also fired.

Trump came out with this shortly after, while boarding Air Force One: “As soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them, we will condemn Russia or whoever it may be.”

This part is particularly ridiculous; they HAVE the same facts as the UK already. Tillerson already agreed with them. So I’m personally not holding my breath that Trump is going to agree with them.

We already know what conclusions the Trump cheerleaders on this site have made about all this. No surprise there. The simple truth is, we all have the same facts here.


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I actually dislike all career politicians, so hate the Dems and Repubs around the same level.
Trump is an outlier to both parties (he just smartly picked the Repub party to win the presidency), so that is why things are really getting interesting for the first time in maybe a century or more of U.S. politics.
I would’ve felt the same way if Sanders had won the Dem nomination (fairly, without those stupid super-delegates siding with Billary) and won the presidency. He would’ve have stirred the pot just as much, but with a lot more acidic chemicals that would’ve probably burned the whole house down, no pun intended.

As for May and Putin…ZZZZzzzz
Countries have been offing rogue spies since the game of spying began.
Nothing different. It’s not like the UK or the US are clean in how they do things.
Go over the past 2 hundred years of what the UK or the U.S. has done in terms of forcing countries to bend to their will. Lots of dead corpses, sir.

If you want to really get into the topic of Russia, perhaps you can explain how you would feel as a Russian if you had just lost the cold war, allowed the soviet republics to form their own countries, and then Senior Bush decides to push NATO eastward/southward/northward towards your borders to make you feel even that much more of a loser (making it look once again like Hitler’s Barbarossa, only this time all in the name of NATO; and remember the Soviets lost 20+mn to beat Hitler), force your country under Yeltsin to open up to free-market forces IMMEDIATELY, with disastrous effects, watch wall street vultures help in selling state-owned assets to oligarchs, watch as the ruble crisis erupts as a result of the previous 2 events and other things. I could go on, but I don’t have time to educate people on the basics of what Russia has gone through since the USSR. And I say this as a westerner.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt to know that Russia is experiencing de-population, just like Japan. It’s only gonna get more severe in next 30yrs.
Russia (Putin) realizes that it just wants its borders (cue story on Ukraine and Crimea) to remain as they are now, yet NATO and everyone else just wants to inflict more on them economically.

I have a recommendation for most people who want to post in the future on Russia.

Read the website owner’s background. Read his steadfast take on Russia.
I’ll leave at that.

Considering I’ve been reading that site for about 6 or more years, he’s been spot on for anything in relation to Russia (cue Ukraine story) and the geopolitical situation it has been undergoing through Putin.

Anyway, off my soapbox.

P.S. Read up on Chechnya and the leader there to see how Putin was able to clean up Muslim terrorists in that federal subject of Russia the right/strong/quick way.


What facts are you talking about exactly? Presumably it was the Russians, but the investigation is in its very early stages, and it’s unlikely that there’s any conclusive evidence yet.

But giving this as the reason for Tillerson’s firing is pure conjecture anyway. It doesn’t even make much sense. Pompeo is much more of a hawk than Tillerson, and would presumably take a harder stance against Russia. Trump and Tillerson disagree on lots of issues, but their biggest disagreement seems to be over the Iran nuclear deal–a much more likely candidate.


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I haven’t reached conclusions about the Russian spy that was poisoned. But I do have some observations and speculations, not withstanding I am not called a Russian bot, beep beep boop boop.

Facts first.

This is a Russian developed nerve agent, Novichok. It can be 10x as deadly as Vx gas, it can be used in an aerosol or gel. It seems it was used as a gel on the car door handles.

There are many variants, dozens in fact. Probably hundreds, the Russians want a sample and the Brits are refusing to provide a sample. Why? If the UK wanted to get to the bottom of this, and give Putin the opportunity to show perhaps it came from a particular source that became compromised, this would allow him to identify the source. If it was Putin who ordered the hit and all he will do is lie anyway, what difference does it make not to provide the Russians a sample?

Killing a Russian spy with a substance that can be uniquely identified as Russian in origin is plain stupidity. But that claim in and of itself is untrue, a quick google and search on wiki will reveal the US shut down a plant developing this chemical in Uzbekistan, it’s a false claim to say this uniquely identifies the substance as originating in Russia.

May has stated this was military grade Novichok, as we know the main target is in critical condition in hospital. As a Russian official noted, if this was military grade Novichok, they would be dead and so would dozens of other people.

May is lying, and May is withholding the actual substance from the Russians.

Now the speculation part.

Russians spies recently helped put together the Steele dossier. A dossier that is now blowing up in the face with dozens of resignations and demotions in the US DOJ and FBI. Could it be he made false claims and contributed to the salacious and unproven dossier? Is it possible people are angry at the blow back on the dossier and now are tying up loose ends.

That in my mind would put the UK as number one in terms of potential embarrassment and fallout. This guy could have been killed by Russia decades ago, when no one would have noticed.

No, I have UK number one suspect, USA number two, Ukraine as number 3 and Russia in fourth place.


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