The narratives about Trump thread.


Still, it looks like they’re making the right moves. Good to see they still have some brains and backbone operating over there. Maybe there’s some hope for the rest of us yet.


More weirdness from Trump.


He’s just doing his standard redirection of msm.
Let 'em chase that thread for a while. The master at media control.


Looks like McCabe is gonna be Sleepless in D.C. over the next few days. Best guess is that CNN hires him along with Comey for a new talk show at night.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing a recommendation to fire the former F.B.I. deputy director, Andrew G. McCabe, just days before he is scheduled to retire on Sunday, people briefed on the matter said. Mr. McCabe was a frequent target of attack from President Trump, who taunted him both publicly and privately.

Though no decision has been made, people inside the Justice Department expect him to be fired before Friday, a decision that would jeopardize his pension as a 21-year F.B.I. veteran.


Typical hatchet job from these hacks.


Is this the sequel to Star Wars? :grinning:



Will Pyongyang be the next Reykjavic?


Nah, man. They can have all the elves they want, but there will never be another Björk.


Kudos where kudos are due. I guess the facts are straight


Only a kangaroo court would reach a guilty verdict without presenting the accused the evidence and opportunity to defend themselves.


Things aren’t that simple in international politics. Spy agencies are a reality. It’s not a court of law.


IIRC during the Cuban missile crisis, the Ambassador for the US to the UN presented photograph proof of missiles. Just saying, when you accuse someone of something, showing the evidence will go a long way in getting others to believe you.


Why play their game. You think they’re going to get the sample and say “Wow, it really was us guys. My bad.” They aren’t good faith actors.


Or a 3rd party. Which it seems UK is going to do.

Theresa May said the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had been notified of Britain’s findings and would verify its analysis of the substance used in the attack.

However, as I am sure you know, even if the substance can be proven to be from a Russian source that doesn’t automatically mean the Russians did it any more than if someone got killed by an AK47.

I get Russia have been killing and have killed using this method before and have been into all kinds of espionage, I am well aware they are bad actors, I just don’t think the US or UK are so trustworthy, we just take them at their word.


If not the Russians, then who?

A false flag needs an actual motive.


That makes a lot of sense.


I understand that too. This kind of thing happens again and again though. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. There have been plenty of confirmed instances of such in the past, on either side to be sure. As far as motivation goes, I’d apply Occam’s razor here. It looks pretty obvious to me, and I’m not surprised the UK felt justified in taking the actions they have, or that we’re supporting them.


Article goes in-depth into all those Russians who fled to the UK and then met their final fate. Interesting read from a different non-msm standpoint.

after Berezovsky had lost his case against his business rival Roman Abramovich in London’s High Court, he surrendered. He wrote two resentful private letters to President Putin asking for forgiveness and permission to return to Russia without fear of arrest. He did not receive a formal reply of any kind from the Russian president, but perhaps by March 2013 he had been given some kind of other positive signals from Moscow. Those close to him claimed that he was full of life and optimism and plans for the future on the very date of March 23, 2013 on which he was found dead in a bathroom of his home near Ascot. The official investigation concluded that it had been “an act of suicide”, but failed to provide any supporting evidence. The most likely explanation is that he had been about to leave Britain for good, along with his fiancée Katerina Sabirova (she had purchased e-tickets for travel to Israel that were to be used on March 25, 2013), and so the MI6 spymasters, who were in charge of supervising “project Berezovsky” and had been closely monitoring him and were aware of his intentions, could not afford to let out of their reach.

The one notable similarity shared by the very different individuals in this this foursome of exposed spies is that they all held an irrational belief in the reliability of the British justice and banking systems, other institutions, and intelligence services. None of them seemed to fully appreciate the simple fact that they would only be treated as true gentlemen as long as they served British interests. Once they began to represent even a potential threat to Britain’s ongoing political operations or once their current value dropped below a certain threshold, they were easily sacrificed to fulfill their final, “last, but not least” task – to serve as a log to be added to fuel the flames of Russophobia in their new and very temporary homeland.




Question for all Forumosan Covfefists:

How does the #deletefacebook campaign’s recent revival make you feel?

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