The Never Ending Story

I am personally enchanted with the types of word games that allow one to fire a creative synapse or two while building upon and expanding on preceding ideas. Thusly, I have been trying to keep that old “Four Word Game” alive, but it HAS been rather limping along, hasn’t it? Anyway, I also feel that BECAUSE it was limited to only four words per turn, it tended to meander onto meaningless and hard-to-follow paths.

I hope that a few hardy souls will join me here now in writing a continuous story,

one paragraph at a time.

I think participants could write just about whatever they want, but should also try to loosely continue along the lines of previous paragraphs of the story.
Anybody up to it?

Here’s my starting paragraph:

When he woke up he wasn’t too sure where he was. It seemed to be a room full of bits of paper. The unidentifiable, sticky green slime which prevented his eyes from opening properly also seemed to cover his hands and feet, so that every time he touched something or took a step another papery scrap stuck to him. Indeed, he was already covered in the stuff head to foot, and to onlookers he resembled some hilarious bird.

He remembered something about a woman in a tight blue dress the night before, somewhere in the murky depths of his memory. Hila…no, no. That wasn’t it. He recalled that it was something with an ‘H’, but her name just wasn’t coming to him. Suddenly he heard a crash and spotted a shadow sprint by from the corner of his eye.