The new 3-door ... Hy..... banned in Holland

Macabre or funny?


They made the point … road side back door is dangerous … :smiley:

There are roads with parking on both sides; thus, there are parking spots where getting out on the doorless side would be safer. Common sense, and not removing the door, is what’s needed. There are also instances where you don’t have enough room on one side to get out. Flexibility is needed. They probably came up with this marketing idea as a way to justify omitting the cost of one door. :loco:

It would be smarter to let the driver have controls to selectively unlock the door on one side only, for children’s egress.

the pay off is quite funny. but I agree with DB that it’s a pointless vehicle as it limits the passengers options, besides which if you want to stop people getting out of one side there is always the child lock switch.

It’s not the ad agency’s fault that the car company made this car … the car company just retracted the commercial from TV … too macabre :ohreally: