The new Hilton Hotel

It is opening next year. The news reports say it’s opening next year in “Xinban”???

Where is the new Hilton?

The old Hilton is now Caesar park across from Taipei main train station.

In the Xinban district!

In answer to your next question the Xinban district is in Banqiao,

Well we have that almost cleared up.

In Banciao near the train station. Maybe they mean Xinban Road (Hsinchuang - Banciao Road).

I thought it was something along the lines of New Banciao.

Ant interesting anecdoted from the ol Hilton by the old timers? 2002 does not seem that long ago, how does time fly so fast…

Nope, it’s the Xinban District centered near the MEGA city apparently! Also centered on XinZhan road just to cause further confusion.

I’ve never heard of a “Xinban District” in New Taipei City. It’s not on any of my maps.