The new shape of metal

So I’m astonished at how many good players doing incredible things to their guitars (mostly guitar wanking) you can see on youtube. There’s this new trend of interpolating djent with pick sweeping and other advanced pyrotechnic that is indeed cool, but it has shaped rock/metal music in a way that I’m not sure if I entirely buy.

I mean, yeah, lots of great players out there, but their music feels a bit like guitar practicing instead of songs. I mean, furious scales up and down, then artificial harmonics and then sweeping up and down, then this and then that… but where the fuck is the player and the song going to?

In the end, all these artifacts become dull…

PS: I’ll give an example. This guy’s skills are good. He probably knows some composition shit. Yet I don’t really know what he’s trying to tell me, apart from that I need to buy or build a guitar like his:

A little proggy, but not bad.

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I bet a few decades ago someone, somewhere, wrote the same about john petrucci…

I like prog and I like(d) new metal, and Messuggah was one of my favourite crazy bands. But really, people train for hours jerking off their guitars and then make “songs” out of those exercises or what?

Oh come on, Petrucci and Satriani have much more than just technique.

He’s from Toronto, so what do you expect?

But seriously, i thought you meant something bad like this:

Indeed, you listen to Satriani and it might sound simple. In the end he’s playing blues/rock, even though he’s actually doing some crazy stuff most of the time. But these djent guys are like exercising their fingers and forget to have a theme in their songs.

I know, but when I was a kid I remember many “”“experts”"" claiming that those guitar players were all technique and no heart, and when I read your sentence I thought of them.

Btw, I haven’t watched the video and have no idea about the style you’re describing. I’ll watch it later after Goblin Slayer.

Babymetal has something. Maybe three somethings. And the music is not all that terrible, but I wouldn’t spend much time listening to it. Indeed, I had to stop it at 1:03.

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Wait until the J-pop really kicks in.


Modern metal? you had me at Korn.

I didn’t like Korn much. I did love SOAD though. And there were certain things that I kinda tolerate like this:

Oh, i didn’t like them much either: I detested them. and Slip Knot. And Linkin Park. and so many others. But then I’m Australian, and I grew up in the 80s with proper music, my taste is up my arse. So what would i know?

I’d choose Bad Brains over any of them any day. and Jesus Lizard. and stuff.

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Yeah. Garbage all of them.

Watch, watch it.

I only listened to a couple of minutes, but I liked it. I didn’t hear any pointless ornamentation included just for the sake of showing off. A bit … baroque, I suppose, but each note had a purpose.

Just from my amateurish point of view, I’d say it’s a good sign that he knows what silence is for.

Watched it. Is it supposed to be a single song? Or a mix of riffs/solos?
As a single song it has no cohesion, it sounds like:“I have an idea for a few riffs and solos but can’t make a whole song, so I’ll just play those ideas one after the other”.
As for skill, nothing to say there, he knows how to play.

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I think you’re getting my point.

I just don’t see a theme, a motif, or where he wants to get, or what he wants to tell me. As @Ibis pointed out, it’s like a bunch of things put together one after another.

I’m not feeling it either with this guy. The song is hollow. Guys like Yngwie Malmsteen also could sound hollow, but then they would put something like this on their albums.

That suffers from the same problem for me. I’ve always felt about this way for most of this kind of stuff.

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I actually got to meet him once. A friend of mine was studying guitar with him.

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