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Dear Wolf_Reinhold,

You obviously have quite a bit of time on hand, don’t you!

Wishing you a very good weekend (assuming, you will spend it like the weekdays, putting up contradictory posts over the Internet)!


Really stupid – but serious – question here. Do you ever turn the TVs off? Reason I ask is that I like the food at the Tavern but really can’t stand televised sports.

GO GO WOLF_REINHOLD.No teachers yeah.
Sandman-you must be joking.
Taverncaptain-You wont see my money

Contradictory? Huh?
And yes, thank you. I do have a lot of time on my hands. That is what comes with being independently wealthy.

Sandman has a point, but given that it is a sports pub, you better eat at Carnegie’s instead.

And all those TVs really are distracting. Not really an environment for being social. Go to a public watering hole to sit in front of your personal TV (as you sit next to another guy with his personal TV, and so on.).
Sort of like being on an airplane. We are all together separately…

Come on, as a business owner you shouldn’t need to stoop to the level of someone who decides to criticize unconstructively (personal or otherwise). You realize you can’t please everyone. Just for your own sake let comments like wolf_reinhold’s slide. You should know better then most, considering your a business proprietor, that replying with a derisive remark to a random kneejerk comment is pointless and not very professional. No matter what you do there will always be people complaining about this that or the other. For your own sake, just ignore those comments but please don’t bring yourself down to their level. It really is detremential to an establishment’s image when its owner gets involved in a name-calling contest. Just a friendly suggestion coming from an owner of several companies.

:fume: But no English teaching scum! :fume:[/quote]

Oh well, I guess I have to spend my money someplace else. :cry: :sunglasses:

Even though a lot of the people on the board think Wolf is a total prick, I agree with him on this one. I thought English teachers weren’t welcome at the Tavern.

Durin’s Bane wrote:

Um, yeah, like in Kaohsiung, where you live, right? :smiley:

I said it last night when this was raised in a conversation at the new Tavern, and I’ll say it again.

Michel’s never done anything to me personally, so I don’t care either way about him. The new pub is great, the food is wonderful, and the bar staff are excellent. I don’t give two shits if Michel’s a prick or not, he’s done nowt to me. And I’d actually love to find out - how many of you has he actually personally offended? I don’t mean that “no English teachers” thing - we’ve all said dumb shit on occasions, he just happened to get it printed. I mean as in in a face-to-face encounter.

That’s easy. Go to the original thread about the Tavern and read the comments. I also had no problem with the Tavern, the food, or the service of the staff, although I don’t go to sports bars too much. It seems that many posters had personal experiences with Michel, though, and most of them were not favourable. That being said, I believe that people change, and given the responsiveness of the pub owners on this forum, including Michel, I am optimistic that the situation could change in the future. Here’s to a successful Tavern Premier! :beer:

The new Tavern looks great, has some new beers …“Old Speckeld Hen, and soon Abbots Ale” and an online area where one can access forumosa to …in your case to abuse some establishment you do not like.

You guys got it so wrong. I was at the Tavern Premiere last night. I talked with 5 different English teachers. Not party animal, abusive, fools, bringing in their own liquor then piling out on to the street to annoy the neighbors…but fine men and women looking for a quality establishment…and English teachers too boot. Your constatn harping an an unfortunate quote, in a publication you often ridicule, shows me only that you are too just rumormongering fools.

So get real folks and come down off your high horse. Head on over and enjoy a good time and a good conversation,good sports, good food, good ales, and by all means be as civil there as you would in Alleycats, no matter what your profession.


The quote was real, therefore “harping” on it, while possibly tedious, is certainly not rumourmongering. A rumouris
1: talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source
2: a statement or report current without known authority for its truth
Because I trust the reporter (and Forumosa poster) who conducted the interview, I have no doubt that what was said in the Taipei Times interview was fact, not fiction.

Having said that, I agree that it’s time to move on. That doesn’t mean we need to engage in revisionist history… :wink:

Bottom line, there are still plenty of English Teachers at the Tavern. And on quotations…they are very easy to spin wich way you like. My last word (really maoman)is that the quote was directed at a crude calss of folk who also teach English here in Taiwan and have given the profession a bad name. Not at English Teachers in general. Both the quote, as spun out, and the reaction were sensationalist BS.


Interesting, Michel made no such qualifications. How are you able to discern his thoughts? :s

[quote=“chodofu”]You guys got it so wrong…So get real folks and come down off your high horse. Head on over and enjoy a good time and a good conversation,good sports, good food, good ales, and by all means be as civil there as you would in Alleycats, no matter what your profession.Chou[/quote] Actually, I gave this a guy a chance two or three times and he is just a jerk. On one occasion I saw him barking at his (legal or illegal) Pilipino waitress. He was being so rude. Just because you own the bar doesn’t make you Emperor, little Napoleon. On another occasion he was very arrogant and blew me off, I presumed because he didn’t like Americans. On another occasion I witnessed him abusing one his patrons by yelling across the bar like a drunk jerk, telling someone rudely to move from in front of the TV. On two other occasions I called the place asking about sports. Once was Formula 1 and another was US College basketball. Again very abrupt on the phone and he came off very rude and unapologetic. After seeing all of the other people’s complaints about this guy and the Taipeitimes article, I realized I wasn’t over reacting and wanted to share my experience. By the way, I am not an English teacher but own several businesses here, but it doesn’t take a business owner to know that you should treat customers better than this guy does. I think he should just stay out of his own bar for the sake of the patrons. The one time I enjoyed myself there, I didn’t see Little Napoleon anywhere.

[quote=“almas john”]

Um, yeah, like in Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong), where you live, right? :smiley:[/quote]

That is why the :sunglasses: is there. :wink:

I travelled a long way to take a gander at the new place on Saturday afternoon ( 1.30) It had electricians working inside and it was closed! Pigsick!

Tried to check it out during lunch, but it was packed. Have to go another time. I must say, with a name like the Tavern, I was expecting a more darker place.

Yeah, I was supposed to have lunch there today, but got held up at the office. Thank god – I’d forgotten about Computex. It must have been hell in there today!